Is Elevate Coffee Safe? Our Earnest & Energizing Elevate Coffee Reviews Help You Decide

by | Jun 23, 2020

“Elevate”. It’s such an elegant-sounding word. It comes from the Latin “elevatus”, meaning to lift or raise above the usual position. And we don’t know about you, but when it comes to lifting our spirits, coffee is our beverage of choice.

Caffeinated coffee is well known for its ability to raise levels of alertness. It’s also very popular for those who are attempting to lose weight. And coffee – black coffee, that is, without any cream or sugar or syrup added – has hardly black coffee.

Then there’s the next stage: the coffee drinks which are specifically designed to help you lose weight. Drinks like Elevate.

What Is Elevate Coffee?

Elevate Coffee is produced by the US-based company, Elevacity. If you’re looking for “a thousand smiles in every cup”, as the company has it, look no further. This micro-ground coffee contains a unique mix of what are called “nootropics”. The Elevacity company started life in Frisco, Texas, in 2014 and is still based in the Lone Star State.

These fat burners, choline, and amino acids it contains are all-natural. You’ll typically find them in foods that are high in protein, but sometimes it can be a little tricky to know if you’re getting all you need from your everyday diet. Nootropics are known to help with energy, memory, and mental clarity. And Elevate Coffee, also known as Elevate Smart Coffee, is packed with reviving ingredients with proven benefits.


What Is Smart Coffee?

You know those “nootropics” we mentioned just now? Well, they’re also sometimes referred to as “smart drugs”. They’re natural substances – or synthetic ones – which healthy people can take to improve mental performance. Caffeine is an example of a nootropic. Others include creatine, Panax ginseng, and, believe it or not, nicotine.

Smart Coffee offers a unique combination of ingredients and extracts to enhance your energy and suppress your appetite. While Elevate Coffee isn’t the cheapest dietary supplement on the market, one bag will provide around three and a half weeks’ worth of servings of stimulation in a cup. Just for clarity, that’s somewhere between 24 and 30 servings.

It’s not just a fat burner, though; it’s also marketed as a beverage that will allow you to have your memory boosted, cravings curbed, and mood elevated. It also claims you’ll see an increase in energy levels. And while that may seem a little far-out, when we started looking at the ingredients, we could see the foundation for the claims.


Elevacity Coffee – A Snippet

Elevacity was registered in 2014, and the company specializes in health and wellness products. Pretty much all the ingredients used in the products have documented health benefits.

We have to confess we love the wordplay in the company name as well. That’s whether you say Elevaci-tea, or Elevacity (as in electricity and elevate?). That’s our reading, anyway.


Elevate Coffee Ingredients – The Lowdown

We knew the ingredients were top-notch, but to reassure ourselves we took a peek at the January 2020 product label to confirm the ingredients. As well as the premium coffee itself, we found sunflower lecithin, PEA, organic cocoa, L-theanine, and A-GPC.

We’re just going to take a look at a few of those in more detail. Lecithin is a known emulsifier. Essentially, it means that fats are suspended, and prevented from mixing with other substances.

Then there’s PEA, or phenethylamine, to give it one of its many aliases. Like lecithin, it occurs naturally in the body, and can also be created synthetically. In the correct dosage amounts, PEA can help with athletic performance. It can also help with mood, weight loss, and attention.


Excellent Extracts

Moving on to the extracts section, we spotted Kucha tea, Griffonia simplicifolia, bacopa monnieri, green coffee bean, green tea, and cocoa bean. Plus chromium polynicotinate.

Kucha tea, also known as bitter tea, contains a substance known as theacrine. It’s thought to have similar effects to caffeine. Green coffee beans and green tea are both known to be packed with antioxidants.

Griffonia simplicifolia has also been shown to have positive effects on mood, while bacopa monnieri is often used in Ayurvedic medicine, often as a memory enhancer. And chromium polynicotinate is known to enhance the action of insulin in the body.

Another ingredient in Elevate Coffee is L-Theanine. While L-Theanine is an amino acid, its beneficial effects are mainly seen at higher doses. These benefits include increasing mental clarity and reducing levels of stress. And then, of course, there’s the caffeine.


Caffeine Content Of Elevate Coffee

It’s likely that Elevate Coffee will affect each individual differently, just as coffee does. In a single serving, which is a 0.16-ounce stick, you’ll find 0.1 ounces of espresso coffee, rich dark roast coffee, and green tea.

A single serving of Elevate coffee typically contains 140mg of caffeine. You can drink it as an instant coffee – you just add water. If you’re not using one of the pre-measured stick servings, then you need one level scoop of Elevate Coffee to every 4 to 8 fluid ounces of water or milk, cocoa, hot chocolate, or other fluid.

You might also sometimes see it listed as Elevate Brew. This dark-roast instant coffee, made with Colombian beans, focuses on cognitive function and weight loss, according to the company website. Colombian coffee is known for its clear, bright taste profile (although in Colombia, as in many other parts of the world, farmers are adapting to climate change by introducing new crops).

And if you’re wondering about the “dark roast” aspect of the beans, it’s all to do with the length of time that coffee beans are roasted. Beans are stored green, to minimize loss of taste and aroma, and roasted just before they’re shipped.

Elevate Coffee can be enjoyed as a coffee or as a dietary supplement. It’s not advisable, however, to take this supplement with other caffeinated drinks. Don’t add it to coffee – instead, opt for hot or cold water, milk, hot chocolate, or one of the many plant milk options now available. You might experience a slight aftertaste.


Is Elevate Coffee Safe To Drink?

As long as it’s used as directed, and not taken in excess amounts, consumers with no underlying health issues should find Elevate Coffee perfectly safe. While some countries are conducting further research into the PEA to ensure that the amounts are appropriate, in the USA none of the ingredients in the blend are banned officially. Nor are any designated as unsuitable for humans.

It’s long been known that caffeine can help you become more alert and “with it”. It’s also known to increase the heart rate in some people. And then there’s the green tea. As well as the antioxidant properties of green tea, some clinical studies suggest that it can give rise to slight weight loss in some obese or overweight adults.


Is Elevate Coffee Safe For Everyone?

Elevate Coffee is safe for most people. As ever, however, there are a few caveats. Pregnant women, or those who are breastfeeding, are advised not to drink Elevate Coffee. General advice when it comes to coffee is for expectant moms to keep caffeine consumption to a minimum.

Those under the age of 18 years should also avoid Elevate Coffee. And while it might seem like erring on the side of safety, those with pre-existing health conditions should consult a health professional first. Conditions include heart issues, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease.


Elevate Coffee Side Effects: What Do You Need To Know?

As we mentioned, any side effects of Elevate Coffee may vary between individuals, although the side effects we’ve come across in reviews from happy users are minimal. A very small number of Elevate Coffee drinkers might experience an upset stomach, diarrhea, or nausea, an increased heart rate, or appetite loss.

It’s also possible that Elevate Coffee might result in dizziness or headaches. It’s recommended that you don’t drink too much, but then that applies to ordinary coffee too. Most government-sanctioned dietary advisory bodies agree a maximum of 400mg of caffeine a day is the maximum suggested amount for an adult to consume.

And since one serving of Elevate Coffee contains, on average, around 140 mg of caffeine, just a couple of servings mean you’ll have ingested over half your daily “allowance”.

And if it’s weight loss you’re hoping for, don’t expect miracles. This might be an instant coffee, but it’s best not to expect instantaneous results.


Elevate Smart Coffee Reviews – What’s The Real Deal?

Elevate Coffee gets a pretty high approval rating overall. Those who’ve enjoyed its benefits speak of the convenience of the product, and the effect on their mood. Gym bunnies and those who enjoy physical activity also speak especially well of Elevate Coffee.

Some Elevate Coffee drinkers found it an effective part of their weight loss program, others less so. (We did say different people found it affected them differently.) And while some folk found there was a very slight but distinctive aftertaste, others didn’t notice it at all.

Many reviewers described the effect on their levels of alertness, which increased noticeably. And others said it reduced their food cravings, especially in between meals. Reviewers were, however, clear that this is not a cheap option.


Tell Me Where To Buy Elevate Coffee?

The best place to obtain your Elevate Coffee fix is via Amazon. As the world’s largest single online marketplace, Amazon is home to millions of transactions every minute. Since its first appearance in 1996, it has grown at an amazing rate – the marketplace alone is like an online bazaar, department store, and personal shopper all rolled into one.

You know you’ll always get a good deal via Amazon, as well as the fastest possible delivery, depending on availability. You can buy Elevate Coffee in various sizes although our favorite is the 6.6-ounce pack. (It does also come in those nifty little single serve sticks.)


Elevated Expectations?

If you’re looking to elevate your cognitive function, you’ll find this dietary supplement has a fast-acting effect. If, however, you’re looking for weight loss, by all means, incorporate Elevate Coffee into your diet, but don’t expect instant magic.

And don’t exceed the recommended dosage. With around 140mg of caffeine in each cup, you’ll find 1 serving per day, 2 at the most, more than enough. With those caveats in place, however, pop the kettle on, and let’s have a brew!

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