Coffee At Your Convenience – The Keurig K425 Vs K525 Coffee Machines Comparison

by | May 23, 2019

If, like me, you live in a household where the residents love freshly brewed coffee but have very different tastes and size preferences, it can be tricky to find a coffee machine to suit you all.

This is where the Keurig K425 and the Keurig K525 really come into their own – but which one fares best when you’re trying to assess the K525 vs. the K425?

Which Machine Is Better?

Our Winner: Keurig K525 

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The Keurig K525

The K525 is part of the K500 series from the household name Keurig. It has a generous 80 oz water reservoir and has an 80 oz water reservoir. The color touch display is 2.8 inches, so particularly good if you need a little extra visibility. Like many Keurig machines, it offers you control over the strength of your drink and temperature control, and a programmable clock.

You get the usual excellent range of over 500 drinks available, but if you opt for cocoa or hot chocolate, you do need to remember to run a hot water cycle immediately afterward to ensure the needle doesn’t get clogged up. This ensures that the machine continues to run at optimum efficiency. The filter is very easy to change, and lies towards the rear of the water tank; you simply lift out with the handle. This model usually ships with the water filter.


One of the homeliest features of this machine is that you can change the water reservoir light to suit you. You have a choice of blue, green, red or white; you can also customize the color of the wallpaper on the home screen, and there’s also a welcoming night light setting for that cozy glow in your kitchen.


The Keurig K525 Plus – The Good And The Not So Good

What we really like

Large water reservoir (80 fluid ounces)

Easily readable display

“Preferred brew” settings

You can change the wallpaper color to fit in with your décor

Comforting nightlight

You get the water filter kit with the K525

What we don't like

✗ You need to buy the accessories separately

✗ You have to run a hot water cycle immediately after you brew chocolate or cocoa


The Keurig K425 Coffee Maker

This is a good all-round machine, with a 70 oz water reservoir which would suit a family or a smaller workplace. The Keurig K425 is part of the well-established Keurig K400 series, with a classic look that will fit well with any kitchen area. Although it does come with a cleaning tool, it doesn’t typically come with a water filter, and you will need to buy this and the carafe separately.

As with all Keurig machines, there is a great range of drinks to choose from and it looks extremely stylish. It’s also very straightforward to use, with step-by-step instructions, and easy to clean and maintain, with options for drink strength and different cup sizes.


You have a choice of English, French or Spanish for the display language, and there is also an altitude option. This machine has an auto-off feature. It’s evident this is an earlier model than the K525 Keurig; it has a simpler interface than the 525, although this does make it super easy to match up the brew number you need with the number on the K-pod lid.


The Keurig K425 Plus – The Good And The Not So Good

What we really like

Simple display

Choice of analog or digital display for the clock

Energy saver mode

High altitude setting

Good range of drinks available

What we don't like

✗ No instant hot water option

✗ No built-in iced drinks option

✗ Relatively small screen

✗ Water reservoir could be larger


Comparison Of Keurig K425 Vs K525 – Essential Features

The K425 has a 70 oz water reservoir, compared to the much more generous dimensions of the K525, which stores 80 oz. Both have controls that allow you to vary the strength and temperature, and eleven different brew sizes in total, from 4 oz cups to 30 oz carafes, and for both, you do need to buy the carafe and most accessories separately.

As with all of the Keurig range, there is an extensive choice of flavors to suit all tastes available for both machines, but you must make sure you are using genuine Keurig products for the machine to run at its best – look for the logo. The 70 oz capacity of the K425 Keurig will give you around 7 average cups before you need to refill, or just over 5 if you’re opting for the larger cup size. In contrast, you’ll get around 8 average cups from the Keurig 525 Plus.

Some family members like a tiny, single-serve, intense cup of coffee to get them started in the morning; others like to make sure they’ve got a travel mug to keep them going on their commute, and others want a carafe of their favorite brew to get them through the next few hours.


Choice Of K-cup Drinks

There are many different coffees, teas, chocolate and cocoa, and herbal tea variants available, including decaffeinated tea and coffees, and while both are machines that are designed to dispense hot drinks, with a little creativity you can also use it to make iced teas or coffees on those warmer days. Simply add ice to a cup, brew your coffee as usual in a separate cup, and pour over the ice.

You also have the option of using the machines just for hot water, so if you feel like a pot of instant ramen or a porridge-oats-in-a-mug snack, it’s ideal for that too. You just hold down the start button for hot water. You get a choice of 4 K-cup sizes, 4 K-mug sizes, and 3 K-carafe sizes of brew with the K425 and also with the K525, so whether it’s a 4 oz cup or a 30 oz carafe you want, both machines are very flexible.


Can I Use My Own Coffee?

One of the main benefits of both of these coffee machines is that you can use your own choice of coffee blend with it, as long as you use the My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter. You’ll find this feature especially useful if you have a favorite blend, if you’re concerned about minimizing the impact on the environment, or if you want a stronger coffee than is typically available with the K-cup range.


How Do I Care For My Keurig Coffee Machine?

The manufacturer suggests using filtered or bottled water for maximum efficiency, although even with this precaution you will need to descale the machines regularly, at least every six months and as frequently as every three months if you live in a hard water area. Don’t worry though – the built-in technology will alert you when the machine needs descaling.

Both machines have a high altitude feature, and are easy to clean, including the needle; for this, you use the Brewer Maintenance Accessory which should ship with the K425 and the K525 machine. One of the main differences is that the water filter kit ships as standard with the K525.


Health, Safety And Practicality

Both the K425 and the K525 model have a cord storage facility that not only keeps your counters neat and tidy but safe too. The drip tray is removable to let you put a travel mug or a carafe underneath. Clear, straightforward, simple instructions on screen take you through the process of brewing your favorite drink, step-by-step, and we like the terribly polite “more water please” message you get if you need to add more water.

You can set the program to wake you with a carafe of coffee or another brew at a time of your choosing – we love the “Do not disturb” message you get if you opt for this, that tells you when your machine will start working for you.

You also have a “preferred brew settings” program on both machines, which you can set up with settings you use regularly and you have the option of using your own coffee if you have the compatible reusable K-cup accessory.


How Much Space Will I Need For The Keurig K525 Vs. The K425?

Both machines are sleek and good-looking and would blend in with the décor of any kitchen area. The dimensions are slightly different; the K525 is very slightly larger than the Keurig 425. Size wise, the K525 is 10.4 x 13.4 x 13.6 inches high and weighs 11.9 pounds, while the K425 is 13.2 inches high by 10.5 inches wide and 13.3 inches deep and weighs 10 pounds.


Conclusion – Which Machine Should I Choose?

Our Winner: Keurig K525 

There’s relatively little to choose overall between the two machines, which are both homely and have many user-friendly customizable features, but the Keurig K525 has the slight edge. Although the Keurig K425 might be easier to find, it doesn’t ship with the water filter kit, and the screen is smaller than the K525 so not as easy to read.

Where the K525 definitely scores over the K425 is in the size of the water reservoir, with an additional 10 oz capacity (or one more large cup of coffee to the refill), and in the charming additional features of the wallpaper and nightlight, to bring a cozy glow to your kitchen and blend in even more with your décor. So, for the record, our recommendation is the K525.

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