5 Benefits of Using an Office Coffee Service for Your Business

by | Feb 23, 2021

Many employees can’t start their day without having a strong cup of coffee. Sometimes, it’s the only thing getting them out of bed in the morning. With the number of different coffee beans, strengths, and tastes available in the world, it comes as no surprise that people love it. Curious about the history of coffee? You can go here to find out more about it.

5 Benefits of Using an Office Coffee Service

There is a reason why businesses give their employees coffee breaks. A strong cup of brew can lift the spirit and give a boost of much-needed energy. It is fair to say, that coffee drinkers strongly dislike bad coffee. In many cases, it can put them in a really bad mood.

This is why you should consider investing in an office coffee service for the office. Not convinced? Here are 5 more reasons why you should strongly consider it.


Boost Employee’s Mood

A study done by McKinsey and Company back in 2008, proved that 61% of workers feel much more appreciated and cared for when their employers provide them with food and beverage. An astonishing 82% said that a strong cup of coffee put them in a better mood.

As trivial as it might seem, it has been proven in many studies, that employees look forward to going into work when there’s a fresh cup of brew waiting.


Optimized Productivity

A strong cup of beans is filled with caffeine. Despite popular belief, caffeine isn’t all that bad. Caffeine heightens focus, concentration, and brain activity to the optimum. Resulting in a very productive and fruitful team in the office.

Scientific studies have proven that 1-2.5 cups can improve mental performance and alertness. Investing in a high-quality office coffee service unit will give your employees access to caffeine-power whenever they feel a bit hazy.


Improves Relationships and Social Interaction

Even though there are loads of people who share a workspace, there can be quite little to no social interaction. Especially when everyone is glued to their screens and stuck in their cubicles. To enhance employee relationships and encourage interaction, a coffee service might just do the trick.

It’s important for employees to chat with each other, share ideas, and talk about different work topics. All of this can naturally happen when they run into each other at the coffee break station.


Improves Collaboration

It’s a modern occurrence to see more working environments showcasing a collaborative workspace. In this area, people are encouraged to work together in a communal area instead of working at their desks. Having a hot drink while brainstorming or having a meeting in a communal workspace is highly beneficial.

Just like people will come up with great ideas and stories while socializing over a drink, in the same way, they will over a cup of brew. This has been proven by scientists observing the workspace. Employees feel much more stimulated and energized when they can spend time away from the desk.

Not only does caffeine boost productivity and energy levels, but it also holds many other benefits. High-quality beans hold many benefits, and you can find at least 20 reasons why you should never stop drinking it.


No More Stolen Time

Almost all employees enjoy the benefits of going on breaks. Studies have shown that 80% of American employees go on a break to make themselves a cup of brew. Boiling a kettle and looking for some fresh milk, can take up a lot of time.

If there aren’t any brewing facilities available, employees will ‘quickly’ run to the nearest brewery. This wastes a lot of valuable time they could’ve spent working. This can also be said for companies who offer their employees bad quality beans. Being stingy on the kind of product you leave in the hot beverage room, can drive your employees further away.

Those who need their strong brew fix will run to the nearest brewery to purchase a high-quality cup of brew.

Providing employees with a strong cup of quality brew from a decent coffee maker, will not only boost productivity but morale around the office too. This once-off investment will return in investment when your employees feel more energized and collaborative.

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