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by | Jun 6, 2022

What Is Coffee?

Let’s talk a bit about the history of the brew and how we arrived at espresso as a drink that we enjoy so much these days.

Like many other elements of our diet that we enjoy these days like figs, rice, spinach and ginger, java can be traced to the Arab world. In fact, the fifteenth century is when coffee first hit the scene to the best of our knowledge.

To be honest, we have dated evidence of Turkish coffee in existence, but the records do not show any coffee pre-dating this time. You can learn more about the history of this delicious drink online!

Thank you to Ethiopia for popularizing and disseminating the idea of drinking coffee as an essential part of any diet. Coffee contains niacin (vitamin B3), magnesium, potassium, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and many different important antioxidants that your body needs.

Some doctors believe that coffee lessens your chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, so many cultures enjoy coffee for reasons other than the desire to stay awake.

Caffeine is addictive, but it has not been linked to the adverse effects of other more addictive substances like sugar, alcohol and cocaine. Still, when learning about the history of drugs in society, this beverage is an essential component to the story.

Coffee History

Coffee houses were integral to the building of the financial market of the United Kingdom if you didn’t know.

Men gathered in these establishments and talked, and the caffeine spurred the kinds of conversations that ultimately resulted in the creation of Lloyds of London and other important financial institutions.

Caffeine also has an important place in the history of the Industrial Revolution, as the cock’s crow was no longer the driving force behind keeping people awake.

Industrialization and the combination of the introduction of the strong morning drink into the average diet with the creation of the electric clock eliminating the need for a rooster helped impact our understanding of what working hours should be.

Espresso Is A Delicious Drink

In the early twentieth century, espresso was created in Italy, to the best of our knowledge. As a direct influence of, again, the Industrial Revolution, steam-powered creations began to take shape all over the world.

Espresso is created by forcing almost-boiling water through very finely grounded beans with significant pressure.

This process of emulsification creates a syrup-like substance that can be flavored afterwards, however, most people enjoy the taste of the bean itself, unadulterated by any other substances.

Most people probably learned about espresso in the 1990’s as coffee shops began to open everywhere across the world.

These coffee shops imitated the style of Italian roasting of coffee beans, with espresso taking the charge. People learned how to drink Italian caffeinated beverages.

Espresso is both a preparation method and a type of beverage, so this particular coffee drink is extremely unique. It is often extremely strong because the method of compressing the air and liquid through the finely ground beans results in a compact, powerful drink.

Around the time that espresso became popular, we began drinking all sorts of fun new caffeinated drinks in America. Cafe and caramel macchiatos, cappuccinos, Frappuccinos, Lattes and other popular drinks began to be expected at even the most basic coffee places.

You could find an espresso at nearly every specialty tea shop in the world, as the beverage became popularized through our media and lives.

Eventually, a cup of specialty coffee followed the same course as the basic cup of java in the twentieth century: people began to want to make this beverage at home, tailored to their specifications.

Espresso Machines In Your Home

People began to buy many different types of brewing machines to create their own delicious cups of joe at home.

Espresso machines are increasing in popularity in America right now, and at-home brewers are learning about the different ways you can prepare an espresso to your liking.

Some machines provide you with a double shot such as Nespresso, meaning there is twice as much bean concentrate in your emulsified beverage.

Some espressos are made larger, with more water added to the shot after it is completed. And some are “short shots” meaning they use the same amount of java, but it is more finely ground and uses half the water.

Many brewing machines use a special filter that can apply more pressure through the basket containing the grounds.

A great example is the Rocket Siebträgermaschinen, which is a machine that fixes the basket in a precise location so that it can be removed and cleaned more easily.

Many of these machines take inspiration from Milan, Italy, which is why they are called Milano devices.

Ground coffee beans are supposed to remain in a compacted state while being made into espresso, and these special filters can ensure that the java is compacted properly so it emulsifies to the highest standard.

When you are looking to get a solid coffee maker, you may want to look to a company that has a long tradition of hand-making their machines so they know that they will produce the best tasting cup of brew.

The ideal machine will keep the ground beans compressed for a good length of time so that you get as much flavor as possible from each fine speck of powder.

Final Words

Some people may think that this method of making the hot stuff will burn the ground beans, but that is not true — a proper Italian espresso machine with the ideal filter will hold the beans in such a way that the steam does not burn the beverage.

In the end, when you search carefully you will find the perfect machine for you!

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