Eleven Of The Best Columbian Coffees: Which One Should You Choose?

by | Dec 20, 2019

Ah, the lush green mountain slopes of the Andes. The fresh, crisp air. The hours of sunshine. And just enough rainfall. It all makes for great coffee. Some of the very best Colombian coffee is grown in the area known as the Coffee Triangle.

But how do you choose, when there are so many gorgeous blends out there? Well, that’s where we come in, with our rundown of eleven of the best Colombian coffee blends.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Colombian Coffee Brands Of 2023

Whatever you choose, you know that choosing Colombian brands means your coffee is always fresh-tasting. For those of you who don’t have the time right now to read our complete guide, check out our top picks just below.



Which Colombian Coffee Is The Best?

Let’s get right down to business. We know how many of you often need to read and run, so let’s put you out of your misery right now. Right up front,

Made from Arabica beans, it has a fresh, crisp taste, with hints of citrus. The fire-roasted beans give this lovely, lively blend a great round flavor with a minimum of acidity and bitterness. Besides which, it’s great for just about any coffee-making method you can think of.


Folgers Colombian Coffee

The 1850 by Folgers coffee is finely ground, so whether you’re using an espresso maker, French press, coffee machine, or drip method you’ll get a perfect cup of joe. It’ll even work with reusable K-cups. And oh, the smell as it’s brewing – now that’s an aroma!

Unopened, this Folgers Colombian coffee will stay fresh as the day it was packed for 12 months. Once opened, keep it in an airtight container, store in a dry, cool place, and check out the “best when used by” date printed on the bags. We like to tape the label to the container, but, you know, that’s just us.

It ships in 6 bags of 12 ounces each. We looked at the Lantern Glow Light Roast, but other varieties are available. It also comes in gorgeous packaging and would make a great gift for someone special. It’s keenly priced, too.


Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC

We’d also like to introduce as our next contender. This usually comes as a whole bean medium roast, although it is also available as a pre-ground coffee if you prefer.


Fresh Roasted Coffee

There are lovely notes of cherry and honey in this super-popular single-origin coffee, which is washed and then dried on raised beds. The crop is sourced sustainably, and roasting, blending and packaging all take place in the USA.

This coffee is gently heated in an environmentally-friendly Loring Smart Roaster.  Not only does using this roaster eliminate up to 80% of carbon emissions thanks to the smokeless environment, but the overall flavor of the beans is lip-smackingly delicious

The whole bean version typically ships in 2lb or 5lb bags. It’s a very cost-effective coffee, and the pre-ground usually ships in packs of three 12 oz bags. If you like a touch of acidity with your coffee, this blend will suit you down to the ground.


Juan Valdez Organic Coffee

Need a little extra boost to get going in the morning? You’ll love The beverage has a medium level of acidity, so it’s very enjoyable and strong yet smooth. You can almost taste the rainforest.  It’s a great breakfast blend, with a full-bodied texture.


Colombian Coffee Juan Valdez

This 100% organic coffee is certified USDA Organic, and also meets European Union regulations. It also meets the Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard (JAS). It ships in 17.6-ounce bags. While there’s no “best before” information printed on the packaging, the Lot number gives you both the date the coffee was roasted and the expiry date.


Starbucks Colombian Coffee

And then there’s Starbucks Colombia. It has nutty tones, with just a hint of citrus. It’s a rich, medium-roasted coffee, not too formidable, but with a fresh taste that has just a hint of walnut.

Typically this ships in packages of 6 12 ounce bags.  There are several roasts available, from the light, mellow blonde roast to the “don’t mess with me” flavor of the dark roast. We sampled the medium roast.


Starbucks Colombia

You’ll get the best results with this coffee with cold water that’s been filtered. For optimum results, use 2 tablespoons of coffee, freshly ground, to every 6 fluid ounces of water. If you’re brewing a larger cup, mug, or pot, then simply scale up the amounts. It might sound a little illogical, but if you use less coffee, you’ll end up with a more bitter-tasting brew.


Colombian Supremo Coffee

If you like your Colombian coffee raw and authentic tasting, you’ll love this from Stone Street Coffee Roasters. Made in South America from top-grade Arabica beans, the flavor of this coffee is not for the faint-hearted.


Colombian Supremo

The taste of this coffee is very intense, and it’s a perfect option for those who like to roast at home. Opting for light to medium roast means you’ll be able to bring out the surprisingly sweet taste of the bean. These beans are relatively large, so expect to take around a fifth longer to roast them as some other varieties.

This coffee variety ships in 1 lb, 2 lb, or 5 lb foil bags to seal in freshness. If you’re thinking of trying the 1 lb bag, you might like to know that it can be resealed.


Kirkland Colombian Coffee

If you like a dark, finely ground Colombian coffee, then we’re pretty sure will fit the bill just perfectly. This 100% Colombian coffee comes in 3-pound bags, typically two to a pack. It’s produced by an association of Colombian Growers known as the National Federation of the Coffee Growers of Colombia. Many of the growers own small-holdings, not huge plantations.


Signature Kirkland

This solid Colombian roast is ideal for filter machines, pour-over, cold brew, and many other coffee-making techniques. It’s a great way to start the day or enjoy a mid-morning pick-me-up.


Java Planet Colombia Cafe

Proud of your coffee gourmet credentials? Then give a try. This Colombian single-origin coffee uses organic Arabica coffee beans to produce a delicious dark roast. It’s USDA Certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and Non-GMO to boot. All coffee is good for you, but you can be extra-sure that organic coffee is brimming with antioxidants.


Java Planet

Taste-wise, this medium-dark roast has a mild level of acidity, with great balance and a full-bodied, robust flavor. There is no bitterness or that burnt taste you sometimes encounter. These Organic coffee beans are roasted in small batches, preserving the freshness and flavor and allowing the roasters to keep an expert eye on the process.

This coffee comes from a family-owned and family-run firm. They have 20 years of experience in producing beautiful coffee, grown without pesticides or chemicals. This whole-bean Colombian coffee is shade-grown. The coffee is shipped in 1 lb or 2 lb bags, and the date of roasting is put on every bag.


Café Don Pablo

We’re sticking with Colombina Supremo for our next choice, which is This is a beautifully rich, multi-textured coffee, mild, sweet and with more than a hint of cocoa, walnut, citrus, and chocolate.  It’s a medium-dark roast with low levels of acidity and a medium body. Acidity levels are low.

The Arabica beans are GMO-free and are artisan roasted in small batches, meaning the freshness levels are as high as they can get. The sugar levels in these beans are high, and when the coffee is roasted, they caramelize slightly.


Cafe Don Pablo

Don Pablo Colombian Supremo is also available in drip ground. For a palate-pleasing cup of coffee, allow one tablespoon, level to very slightly heaped, of the coffee to every six ounces of water. It also makes rich, intense cold brew.

Beans are roasted to order in small batches in the USA, so the freshness and flavor are retained. This family firm’s attention to detail means you know personal attention has gone into every cup of this exceptionally pleasant coffee. This medium-dark roast ground coffee ships in 2-pound bags.


Volcanica Colombian Beans

We’re staying with the whole bean coffees for our next selection, It’s fair trade, fresh roasted, and shade-grown. This Single Origin coffee is not only Fair Trade, it’s also Rainforest Alliance Certified and organically grown.

This coffee is medium-sweet in terms of its acidity levels, and the fact that its shade-grown gives it a smooth to light body. It has a strong, nutty scent, although it’s not so overpowering that you won’t enjoy the taste. There are also hints of flowers and fruit. The Colombian Andeano Estate credentials of this blend mean you can enjoy your cup of coffee knowing it’s been ethically produced.


Volcanica Colombian Supremo

The beans for this coffee are grown at between 1,650 to 1,800 meters above sea level, on a volcanic ash soil. The beans are roasted in Atlanta, Georgia, and the light brown appearance is due to the medium roast process that is applied.

The beans are freshly roasted before being packed and sealed immediately, so freshness is guaranteed. There are over 130 coffees in the range in total, and the company produces decaffeinated, flavored and peaberry coffees amongst others. The company’s family approach is also apparent: they started life as a small operation in their garage.


Koffee Kult

If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning (or whenever your day starts), you’ll love this gourmet coffee Even the chocolatey aroma will have you heading to the coffee maker or the kettle as soon as you can. There are hints of cinnamon, too.

This is a bold-bodied, medium acidity beverage. The beans are organically sourced, and come from the high mountains of Hula. They’re roasted fresh in small batches and packaged directly after the roasting process.


Koffee Kult

This coffee is consistently gorgeous across different batches. Batches are roasted in 2, 24 or 70-kilo capacity machines, and the family-owned and run company has grown from a single small roaster to a multi-roaster operation that maintains its environmentally friendly approach. Roasting takes place in Hollywood, Florida.

These 100% Arabica beans are ideal for espresso-based drinks, including cappuccinos, lattes, and of course, espressos. They’re non-oily, so they will work with a wide range of coffee makers and grinders. There’s even a decaf version available (though we tried the full caffeine version). This whole bean Colombian coffee is typically shipped in 32 ounces, 1 pound, or 80 ounce bags.


Sello Rojo Cafe De Colombia

And finally, last but not least, we’re giving a shout out to  The company has been in business since 1933 and prides itself on its superior coffee.

This ground coffee is made from pure Arabic Colombian beans, not a blend. The body of this robust and very palatable coffee is balanced between acidity, which is low, and sweetness. It’s a medium roast, roasted and then vacuum sealed at the point of origin. There’s a fruity undertone.


Sello Rojo

Cafe Sello Rojo Cafe Colombiano comes directly from the farms, many of which are family-owned and family-run. Once the beans have been selected, often by hand, they are washed and then dried in the sun. This coffee has an EXCELSO graded classification.

The small-batch processing methods means every bean gets personal attention. The processing takes place on the farms immediately after picking; beans are washed, fermented and dried on farms where the workers have decades of coffee expertise.


What Makes Colombian Coffee So Special?

The climate and geography have a hugely beneficial effect on the resulting coffee crops. There are plenty of other reasons too why Colombian Coffee has the “X factor”.

These include a distinctive balance of acidity and sweetness. Whatever top notes or undertones you’re looking for in your coffee, you’ll find them in a Colombian blend or two: nuts, citrus, flowers, chocolate, and cocoa.


Colombian Coffee Beans

Juan Valdez, the name of one of the coffees we looked at, is a fictional character who’s come to represent a Colombian coffee farmer in many advertising campaigns. With his trusty mule Conchita, he made his first appearance in 1958. He’s come to symbolize not only coffee but Colombia in general.

Coffee is extremely important to the Colombian economy; it’s one of the most important crops. Many farms are family-run or managed on a co-operative basis, and there are decades of expertise behind the growers.


Is Colombia Coffee The Best In The World?

You probably already know Colombia is one of the world’s major coffee-producing countries – number three by some measures, number two by others. What is certain is that many of the coffee beans that go to make up Colombian coffee are hand-selected.

In addition, small-batch artisan roasting is a very common method of producing coffee. Again, the personal attention to detail means that every coffee bean is roasted to perfection, and the coffee workers get the very highest levels of freshness and flavor out of those beans. Colombian coffee is known for being a little more acidic than some other coffee.




Colombian Coffee Vs. Columbian Coffee

Okay, we wondered about this one. After all, we often get a little confused about Columbia versus Colombia. Turns out, for at least one of the companies, they just hit the wrong letter on the keyboard when they were naming or registering their blend.

If you’re looking for Colombian coffee, though, you might also like to try the alternative spelling. A useful distinction is that Colombia is the country. Columbia is the movie studio.


What Are The Differences? Things To Look For In Columbia Coffee

When you’re looking for the most suitable Colombian coffee for you, there are a few things to consider. If ecological principles and sustainability are important, look for organic coffee. You might find the USDA, EU and JAS certifications helpful here.  Equally, is your coffee Rainforest Alliance and non-GMO certified?

Where are the beans roasted – as soon as possible after they’re picked, or are they shipped to roasting facilities in the US? Do the companies use artisanal, small-batch roasters, or are the roasters used more industrial in size? Is it a medium-roast that you’re looking for, or a dark-roast? And are you looking for a whole-bean or an already ground coffee?

Does the company only use Arabica beans, or is there a little Robusta in there too? Then there are the flavors. Which is your favorite? A hint of citrus, perhaps? A slight floral scent? A little edge of chocolate or cocoa?  Or the earthy, robust tones of nuts? All of these will help you decide.


What Is The Best Colombian Coffee?

After that lightning tour through eleven of the best Colombian coffees, why choose 1850 by Folgers? Well, whether you’re enjoying an espresso or whipping up a macchiato, it’s perfect for just about every type of coffee maker and coffee machine you can think of.

It’s made from 100% Arabica beans and its flavor is a gorgeous mix of acidity and sweetness. And the packaging ensures it’s fresh as can be until it’s time to make your next brew. So for all these reasons, make your next Colombian coffee


1850 By Folgers

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