Coffee Maker Buying Tips From The Experts

by | Aug 10, 2021

If your day starts with the first sip of your cup of joe, investing in a coffee machine is a brilliant idea. Buying an espresso or a latte every day can cost a fortune. Additionally, waiting in long lines every single day for the cashier to call your name and give you your long-waited-for cup is far from ideal.

Don’t waste your money or time on restaurants. Instead, invest in a coffee maker and make your coffee at home. There are several models and types of coffee machines, so choosing one can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we prepared this guide to provide you with some excellent tips on buying a coffee machine, so keep reading.

How You Take Your Coffee

Since the machine is going to be in your home year-round, you can choose one that makes iced or cold brew, especially for the summer months, or a regular hot coffee machine. You can find many models that have brew-over-ice and cold-brew modes.

Moreover, if you like your cup of joe to be more concentrated, you can buy a cold-brew machine. You will be able to create as many flavors as you want with your machine that many restaurants fail to serve. Plus, you will not waste time or gas going to your preferred coffee shop, especially when it’s hot outside.


How Many Cups Do You Need?

According to the number of cups you consume every day, choose a suitable machine. If a single cup is enough to make you beat the morning grogginess, choose a single-serve or a one-cup drip machine. You can also have a look at the Spinn coffee maker since it is small in size, which makes it a perfect addition to your kitchenette.

Checking out a thorough review of the Spinn Coffee maker is a great idea that will help you understand more about its specifications. However, if you need more than one cup throughout the day or you’re buying the machine for an office, you need a larger machine with an automatic drip.

Ideally, the coffee maker should have a self-serve container or a carafe. Usually, large models can brew up to 12 cups, 5 ounces each.


Efficiency and Convenience

If you find turning on your coffee machine and filling it a daunting task, you need an automatic machine that makes brewing your cup of joe a breeze. You can set it up before going to bed to start in the morning automatically.

This model will also be excellent for you if you’re the forgetful or always-late type since you will wake up every day to find your ready-to-go java. This model can be on the pricey side, yet it is easily a successful investment.


Your Kitchen Space

When choosing a coffee machine, you should also consider its size and height and compare it with your counter space. Generally, all machines should fit under the upper cabinets, but it is wise to double-check before buying, especially when you’re purchasing a large one.

It is important to assess your kitchen space and decide where to put your new coffee machine. Bear in mind that coffee makers are bulky and need water, beans, and filters to be added from the top. Additionally, your machine should be easily accessible for use.

Don’t place it inside your cabinets because, in the end, you will revert to using your kettle. Buy a machine that suits your lifestyle and habits to make drinking coffee enjoyable, not hectic.


Appearance and Style

Adding a gadget to a tidy kitchen is tricky. Ideally, the gadget has to match the appliances to add a beautiful touch and also blend in with the rest of your kitchen. Some machines have a compartment inside that can hold the cord to keep the counter clean.

Buying a coffee maker or espresso machine with a stainless-steel or chrome finish will add a contemporary style to your kitchen, regardless of its current design. Alternatively, go for red or orange to lighten the kitchen counter. Most brands have several color options that you can choose from, regardless of your taste.


Display and Features

Some models can easily tell you when cleaning your coffee machine is due. Other models even offer self-cleaning modes. Keeping your coffee machine clean extends its lifespan, so if you’re not very keen on cleaning your appliances regularly, you may want to stick to these models.

Moreover, some coffee makers have indicators that provide necessary maintenance information. For example, the machine can tell you when you need to fill the water tank, when to empty the bin, and when the machine needs cleaning.

Choosing a model with a display will make it simple for you to know exactly what your coffee maker needs.


Length of the Warranty

Many people don’t pay attention to the length of the warranty when they buy a new appliance. However, if the warranty is a mandatory factor for you, note that not all coffee makers offer the same warranty options. Every coffee machine brand offers a variety of warranty options.

However, all of them include at least a one-year warranty. Moreover, you may find high-end models that offer a two- or three-year warranty that covers glitches and defects as well.


Additional Functions

A special cup holder, an anti-drip system, preparation of two cups at the same time, and more are features that increase the cost of the unit but make it easier to use. Choose the functions you want to have in your machine according to your needs.

If you’ve never used a coffee maker before or drinking coffee is a new thing for you, choose a machine that is straightforward to use. A coffee maker with an indicator display and self-cleaning system will make an excellent choice.

There are a variety of coffee machine models and types available on the market, from cappuccino makers to espresso machines that can provide you with great taste and quality coffee.

According to your taste in beans, your favorite grind, how often you make coffee, the number of people who will use the machine, and your kitchen space. Make sure to keep the listed tips saved as they will come in handy when you’re buying a coffee machine.

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