Cuisinart SS-15 Coffee Maker Review – All-in-One Jack-of-all-Trades

by | May 15, 2018

There is a certain joy one feels in being prepared for any outcome. Whether it’s as minor carrying an umbrella in case it rains to something as serious as having a life insurance policy, the contentment of being ready is deeply satisfying. The same goes for our daily routines. Many of us set our clothes apart for the next day before we go to sleep. Naturally, this principle applies to our coffee.

With the advent of programmable coffee timers, consumers could go to sleep knowing that they would wake up with the smell of fresh coffee to great them. After that, the single-serve revolution led by Keurig led us into the convenience age of coffee – one cup at a time, whenever we wanted it. And now, coffee makers worldwide are rushing to satisfy both desires – to be able to grab a cup of coffee on the go and to be able to make coffee for guests and multiple people.

On the forefront of this marketing trend is Cuisinart, America’s leading cookware company. Most recently, their Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker has taken on just that objective: to be the all-in-one solution of coffee maker the American consumer is looking for.

Cuisinart SS-15 Review

The Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker is the effective combination of the Cuisinart DCC-3200 coffee maker and the Cuisinart SS-10 coffee maker. Essentially, the right side is the SS-10 single serve option. The left side is the traditional coffee maker with the brew basket above a glass carafe. An elegant, bright LCD menu with buttons graces the face of the machine.


The buttons are self-explanatory and exactly what they say. Two ledges invite the user to open the left-side brew basket or the right-side K-cup holder. Behind the K-cup holder is a slim and slender water reservoir, complete with charcoal water filter and 40-ounce capacity. The water reservoir has a nice LED light that blinks when it needs to be refilled.

Instead of the 30-minute auto-off that the SS-5 and SS-10 coffee makers have, the SS-15 now has a programmable 0-4 hour range to set auto-off to. The hot plate, like the DCC-3200, has three adjustable settings. The single-serve side has a removable drip tray standard to machines in its class. The SS-15 coffee maker comes with a reusable filter cup allowing the user to make single cups with their own coffee grinds.


Pros & Cons

What we really like

✔ The machine serves any number of people in any situation

✔ Coffee taste is outstanding

✔ Auto-off is customizable

✔ Takes best features from DCC-3200 and SS-10 (programmable hot plate, LED water reservoir)

✔ Brew cycle on both sides is above average speed

✔ Uses charcoal water filters for ultimate water purification

✔ Coffee strength settings carried over from the DCC-3200 coffee maker (mild, regular, extreme)

What we don't like

✗ Puncture mechanism on a single-serve side can be very messy if not calibrated perfectly

✗ The machine takes up a large amount of counter space

✗ Carafe, like most Cuisinart carafes, pours awkwardly and can drip over time


Things To Consider Before Buying

CoffeeGearSpy recommends the purchase of a Cuisinart manufacturer warranty to protect an investment into this coffee maker if purchased. As with any Cuisinart coffee maker, the SS-15 depends on intricate electrical circuitry that is subject to wear and tear over time.

If you live in an area subject to frequent blackouts or brownouts, this advisory especially applies to you. The cost of a warranty outweighs the benefit. It is not a consideration that should be overlooked when making the investment of a coffee maker.


SS 15 Possible Alternatives

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Cuisinart SS-15 Conclusion and Rating

Although the DCC-3200 coffee maker or the SS-10 coffee maker may be a bit more specialized, smaller machines that could serve some coffee lovers better, the Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker is is literally a machine that can serve all coffee lovers.

Even if someone might say that the machine does take up significant space in the kitchen, there is no situation it cannot be useful in, whether it’s a rushed cup of morning coffee or a family gathering.

CoffeeGearSpy gives the Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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