Espresso Yourself – How Many Ounces Are In a Shot?

by | Jul 9, 2018

Espresso is a form of coffee that has taken the world by storm. The Italian creation is a super concentrated form of coffee that is only served in small amounts or as a basis for other flavors. Espresso has served as the background for drinks such as the latte, mocha, and others for many years. It has also been served by itself for just as long.

When ordered by itself, espresso is served as “shots,” which are very small. The first time you order a straight espresso, you may be wondering why the cup is so small. So to explain the serving size and why here is a breakdown of the serving sizes of espresso.

How Many Ounces Are In a Shot?

A traditional serving of espresso is actually only one ounce. Now, you may think that this is a ridiculously small size but think again. The serving is so small because of the wallop that espresso gets from the brewing process.

Espresso is brewed using very finely ground coffee and extremely pressurized and hot water. The water is shot through the grounds at around 8-10 bars. (Roughly 8-10 times the pressure of the atmosphere.) This process extracts much more flavor and caffeine from the grounds than regular brewing does.

Espresso has a much bolder flavor than regular coffee. It also has more caffeine. A single ounce of espresso has 64 milligrams of caffeine. This is incredible compared to the 11 milligrams you get in an ounce of regular coffee. No wonder espresso serving sizes are so small.


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Variations and Amounts Used in Other Drinks

Like many things, there are variations in how much espresso you can order in a serving. These serving sizes have some cool Italian names that sadly are being used less frequently.

The single shot was known as a solo, and of course was one ounce. A double shot was known as a doppio, which is actually an Italian multiplier term. There was even a triple shot that was known as a triplo.

how many ounces are in a shot of espresso

Unfortunately, almost none of these Italian names are in use anymore. To order the serving size of espresso you want nowadays, you just say “single” “double” or “triple.” If you’re ordering an espresso-based drink, you don’t even say the first two.

For example, a standard Starbucks Latte has a double shot of espresso. You only say “triple” or “quad” if you want more shots of espresso (quad being four shots.)


Espresso Yourself – Final Words

Espresso by itself is a coffee beverage for those who want the boldest of the bold. Typically espresso is meant to be sipped slowly over an extended period of time. Don’t try to drink it like you would a shot of tequila (unless you’re really crazy. If you do, please post videos). Hopefully, this article cleared up any questions on how big a serving of espresso and why it is so small.

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