How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh For Months

by | Sep 7, 2021

Coffee is one of the nicest drinks you can consume for relaxation at home or a coffee bar with a friend while you sit to discuss how business went after a busy week.

Coffee offers an excellent flavor and freshness that you must ensure to keep that way; otherwise, you can’t enjoy every sip you take from the cup of coffee. A compromised coffee taste can ruin your coffee business and keep your customers away.

Understanding how to keep coffee beans fresh for months, especially if you buy a large quantity that you do not consume within a short period, is quite simple, and that is what this article is about.

Tips on How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh

Keeping your coffee beans fresh is very vital, as coffee can easily go bad when exposed to air for a long time without being used. That is why My Virtual Coffee House cares about how and where you preserve your coffee beans.

Preserving coffee beans is quite different from preserving other seeds like grain. It is not enough to find a space and dump them, believing that they are well preserved.

Preserving coffee beans requires so much care in order to protect the beans from going bad, even after using a preservation approach. Hence, the following are proven tips that will help you keep your coffee beans as fresh as you want them for weeks and months, as the case may be.


Should I Freeze My Coffee Beans?

One of the main methods of preserving food items is by freezing them, and most people recommend the same approach for preserving coffee beans.

First of all, you must avoid freezing your beans. If you must freeze it, ensure that it is carefully protected from moisture, which is likely to happen to anything kept to freeze.

Your coffee beans can also suffer freezer burn if they are not properly enclosed in the container where they are kept before being put in the freezer. Also, some containers are not tight enough to protect the air from gaining access, thereby affecting the coffee beans.

Therefore, keeping coffee beans in a freezer as a way of preserving them for a long time may not be the best. Instead, you can subscribe to the following tips to enable you to keep your coffee beans preserved for months.


Buy sufficient quantity

One of the basic ways to ensure that you always keep your coffee beans fresh is to buy the quantity that will be sufficient for your use within a short period so that you don’t have the extreme leftover to worry about.

Coffee starts losing its freshness almost after roasting; it’s the reason why it is best to keep your purchase of freshly roasted coffee within a small quantity. It would be best to determine how much quantity is sufficient for your use per time and buy it.

If you buy pre-ground coffee, endeavor to ensure it is not exposed to air; otherwise, it will go bad. Instead, grind the quantity you need before brewing, and use the subsequent method to keep the excess fresh for weeks and even months.


Store in a cool, airtight container

Heat, moisture, light, and air are some of the greatest enemies of coffee beans. So, it would help if you took caution in protecting your beans against these enemies so that you don’t have some wasted coffee beans.

Proper preservation also helps to retain the flavor of your freshly roasted coffee beans. To do this, store your beans in an airtight, opaque container and keep it at room temperature so that it is protected from direct contact with light, moisture, heat, and air.

While choosing a container to store your coffee beans, please do not use a canister because light can as well affect the taste even when it’s in the container. Rather, keep in cool and dark places after storing the beans in airtight containers.

It would be best if you did not keep the beans inside your kitchen cabinet close to your oven because of the heat that emanates from the oven. Remember that heat is an enemy. It would be best you stick to the use of an airtight sealed storage canister.

There are specialized coffee storage containers that can guarantee the complete absence of air from the coffee beans.

We recommend a vacuum canister at My Virtual Coffee House for coffee outlets that buy coffee beans in large quantities. The canister is completely free of air and guarantees that you don’t have anything to worry about. Investing in this kind of container is worth it.


Buy raw coffee beans

Don’t you think you should be roasting your coffee beans? Of course, you can. This is one of the ways to ensure the excellent preservation of your coffee beans. You should learn to buy green beans that have not been roasted and do the roasting yourself.

Raw beans can retain the coffee flavor for a year or thereabout, so you can take out a quantity and roast for your use. You could even experiment with various roasting methods to find out what’s easiest and fastest for you.

When you roast the beans by yourself, you can determine what to expect as you roast the coffee beans consistently.

However, you will have to learn the nitty-gritty about roasting coffee beans because your inability to roast them well can alter the coffee taste. Kindly dedicate some time to learn how to roast coffee beans correctly.


Final Thoughts

Understanding how to keep coffee beans fresh for months is not a difficult task to do. You do not need sophisticated machines to help you preserve your coffee beans for as long as you want them. You only need the right information which you have received from this article.

No matter what you do, never be careless about how and where you keep your coffee beans for preservation. If you keep them randomly, anywhere, you should as well keep some money aside to buy a new batch of coffee beans because they may go bad at any slight exposure to air, moisture, heat, and light.

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