Carb-Free Jump Start – How To Make Bulletproof Coffee

by | May 26, 2018

In recent years, a somewhat new diet has taken the world of nutrition by storm. This diet is known as the ketogenic diet (or keto diet for short.) In a nutshell, the ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low carb diet. Now, to some of you, this may seem crazy. This is because for years you have been told that fat is bad for you except in small amounts. Well, that is not really true.

The Ketogenic Diet

So, what exactly is the ketogenic diet and why is it so great? As stated before, the diet is one that consists of high fats, high protein, and low carbohydrates. In contrast, most typical diets are high in carbohydrates and low fat and protein.

Changing to a high-fat diet causes your body to stop running on glucose, which is sugar created from carbohydrates. This tricks your body into running on a kind of starvation mode to where it starts to burn fat is fuel. Eating a high-fat diet in this mode means that your body will now run on what is known as ketones.


Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

As this has become a hot topic, there have been numerous scientific studies on the ketogenic diet. The results have been nothing short of revolutionary. In a study published just this year, researchers found that the ketogenic diet combined with cardio exercise improved weight loss and blood sugar control in mice with Type 2 Diabetes.

Getting your body to run on ketones rather than carbs is why the ketogenic diet is a great combatant against diabetes. Essentially, diabetes is the result of your body becoming resistant to insulin, a hormone that lowers blood sugar levels. When you’re on the ketogenic diet, your fuel source is fat instead of carbs, so the insulin has an easier time doing its job.

Not only does the ketogenic diet aid in weight loss and Type 2 Diabetes, it also may aid in pain and inflammation reduction. A study published in 2014 shows that the ketogenic diet produces fewer free radicals than a high-carb diet. Free radicals are molecules that cause inflammation in the body.

The same study also showed that the ketogenic diet could aid in reducing seizures, and neuropathic pain from diseases such as Diabetes, Shingles, Multiple Sclerosis, and HIV. It’s almost unbelievable, but the research does not lie.

In addition to being an excellent tool to combat Diabetes and pain from inflammation and neurological issues, it has many general health benefits. Your body can produce much more energy from fat then it can from sugar. On average, your body can create around 38 ATP (the body’s energy currency) from one molecule of glucose. In contrast, your body can create 130 ATP from one molecule of fat. So basically, you get a much bigger energy boost from fat than you do from carbs.


Getting Started

Now, you may be thinking, “that diet sounds great, but I don’t know how to start.” Fortunately, this article will give you the recipe for a simple and tasty breakfast drink that is very keto-friendly. So without further ado, here is how to make bulletproof coffee, and why you should.


What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee is a coffee beverage that has become a popular breakfast beverage recently. It is coffee that also contains several ingredients such as unsalted butter, certain types of oils, and other flavoring options.

The key components for bulletproof coffee are the unsalted butter and the oils. The basic bulletproof coffee recipe utilizes oil known as MCT oil. The MCT stands for medium chain triacylglycerols, which is a form of fatty acids. The medium chain describes the length of the molecule chain in the fat molecule. These medium chain fats are easier to digest than long-chain fats, making them the better option for the ketogenic diet.

There are several different forms of MCT oil on the market today. They include actual MCT oil, coconut oil, and Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil is oil that is extracted from coconut oil and is said to metabolize more quickly and efficiently than regular organic coconut oil or MCT oil. To purchase Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil, see the actual price on Amazon.


Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil 

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The other key ingredient to bulletproof coffee is the unsalted butter. As is commonly known, butter is a dairy product that is basically pure fat. In addition to adding energy to the coffee, it also provides a rich and creamy taste to your morning wake-up call. Now, you may be thinking that putting butter in coffee sounds crazy, but don’t knock it till you try it.


How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

The process of making bulletproof coffee is extremely simple, making it a perfect breakfast substitute for dieters who are pressed for time. The only tools you need are a coffee maker and a blender.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

✔ 6-8 oz. brewed coffee

✔ 1 Tbsp. of MCT Oil (can substitute Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil)

✔ 1-2 Tbsp. of Unsalted butter (your preference)

✔ 1 tsp. Vanilla Extract (optional)

✔ 1 tsp. Peppermint Extract (optional)

✔ Other flavors i.e. cinnamon, ginger, sugar-free syrup (optional)

✔ Ice (optional)


1) Slice butter into small chunks (for easier blending)

2) Combine butter, MCT oil, coffee, and ice (optional) into a blender

3) Add vanilla extract, peppermint extract, or other flavor options

4) Blend for 20-30 seconds (longer blend will produce a nice foaminess)

5) Enjoy!


Top 5 Bulletproof Coffee Benefits

Not only is it easy to make, bulletproof coffee has numerous health benefits. In addition to the general health benefits from the ketogenic diet, here are some of the benefits from drinking bulletproof coffee


#1 Increased Energy

Drinking bulletproof coffee provides a massive amount of energy to jumpstart your day. Just one serving of MCT oil contains 14 grams of fat. The unsalted butter adds 12-24 grams of fat, depending on how much you use. This brings the total to 26-38 grams of fat. As previously stated, each molecule of fat becomes 130 ATP, so you will a huge energy boost from just one cup of bulletproof coffee!

Now you may be thinking, “that’s got to be a ton of calories, and I don’t want that.” Surprisingly, the calories aren’t that high. The serving of MCT oil is only 100 calories. Using 1 tbsp. of butter only adds another 102 calories. So the total for bulletproof coffee comes out to roughly less than 300 or 400 calories. Getting loads of energy and low calories sounds like a dream come true right?


#2 Aids in Weight Loss

In addition to getting lots of energy from bulletproof coffee, it will also help with weight loss. In a study published in 2010, participants who followed a diet including MCT oil showed increased weight loss and fat mass loss than the control group.

As previously explained, the ketogenic diet trains your body to run on fat instead of carbs. Since you’re already in a carb-deprived state when you wake up, bulletproof coffee is the perfect high-fat way to start your morning. Another reason for this increased weight loss is partially explained by the next benefit of drinking bulletproof coffee.


#3 Decreases Long-Term Hunger

A study published in 2007 shows that a high-fat diet decreases long-term hunger. Participants on the high-fat diet reported decreased hunger over longer periods of time, compared to those on the low-fat diet.

This result is because of two factors. The first is that, as previously stated, fat contains more energy. So naturally having a larger supply of energy to feed off of means you won’t need to refuel for longer periods of time.

The second reason is that fat takes longer to digest than carbs do. When your body has a longer time of digesting food, you don’t get that hungry feeling that you do from eating something that can digest quickly.

These two factors contribute to the overall reason of why reduced hunger leads to weight loss. When you feel less hungry and have more energy, you won’t need to eat. This means that your overall calorie consumption is reduced, which is how you lose weight.


#4 Decreases Stress

As previously stated, the ketogenic diet aids in reducing pain from inflammation and neurological issues. It also aids in reducing seizures. Substituting bulletproof coffee for a sugary breakfast gives you a jump-start every morning on reducing pain. This may also lead to reduced use of pain medication.

Another way that drinking bulletproof coffee reduces stress is that it keeps you full. The participants from the 2007 study reported improved moods with the high-fat diet. No one likes being hungry, but if you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t want to eat a lot of unhealthy snacks either. Drinking bulletproof coffee keeps you from getting “hangry” and also helps you avoid all those unhealthy snacks.


#5 Amazing Taste

Health benefits aside, if it doesn’t taste good, people won’t want to drink it. Fortunately, bulletproof coffee is delicious. The rich creaminess of the butter provides the perfect counterpoint to the strong bitterness of the coffee. Using the MCT, Coconut, or Bulletproof Brain Octane oil will also contribute to the creaminess.

Now, you may think that because you’re on keto you can’t add other flavors to your bulletproof coffee. Well, happily that is not the case. There are flavors at home you can use such as vanilla extract, peppermint extract, cinnamon, ginger, and so on. If you want to experiment more and create a coffee shop style beverage, try adding some sugar-free syrup like this mocha syrup on Amazon.

Bulletproof coffee is so versatile that even those who don’t like a hot coffee can enjoy this drink. Bulletproof tastes good poured over ice, or even blended with ice Frappuccino-style. There’s almost no limit to the ways you can add your personal signature to bulletproof coffee.




Whether you’re fully converted to the ketogenic diet, or just want to switch up your breakfast menu, bulletproof coffee is an essential beverage. Its high amount of energy combined with low calories and delicious flavor make it the perfect drink for starting your workday, or for preparing to hit the gym. Not only does it taste good, but also the health benefits that come from the ingredients will change your life.

Hopefully reading this and other articles on our website gave you some insight into the world of the keto diet and provided some motivation to make the switch to bulletproof coffee. Maybe even someday there will be coffee shops that serve bulletproof coffee. Until next time, enjoy coffee, and enjoy life!

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