How to Start Business with Coffee Trailers

by | May 19, 2021

In today’s fast-paced world, coffee to go has become an almost unavoidable thing. Since most people do not start their day without this aromatic drink and often cannot drink it in the morning, they need a hug in a mug on the go. Here is the list of reasons why most people can go without this hot drink.

You can always have a cup of coffee at the corner store or gas station. But coffee trailers are becoming a thing these days, too. Having a cup of joe there is more than a great source of refreshment. It also brings a wonderful sense of community and enjoyment in your favorite beverage outside, in great company.

Having a trailer serving hug in a mug is a great way to enter the mobile coffee business industry. It can save you tons of cash in start-up expenses and make as much profit as a large sit-down cafeteria.

Develop Business Plan

As with any start-up, the first step is to have a plan. It is a written example of how you will develop a profitable business. It will be a guideline on marketing your new business, obtaining quality supplies, training employees, promoting a brand, etc.

You need to work out technical things, like the size of the trailer you need, the goods you will offer, the supplier, and the like. Then, you need to consider the legal aspects of your business, that is, the necessary permits and how feasible it is to obtain them.

Do not forget promotion and advertising. As a start-up, you can do that on the go. Use all the advantages of social networks and create an ad appealing to your audience. Rely on ‘old-fashioned’ promotion ways, too, such as handing out flyers or advertising on the radio.


Target Market

Market research is something to work on alongside a business plan. Think about how to enter the market initially and find customers. Also, you must do something to make your brand recognizable among so many others.

Coffee trailers are generally found in public places and neighborhoods with a high population of young and entrepreneurs running businesses. These can be an example of your target markets, but keep in mind that your competition probably thinks the same way. Targeting the market will help you determine what kind of coffee you will serve and how you will stand out from competitors.



After making an initial business plan, you should recalculate your expenses and see if your budget can support that. Do not cut corners on the equipment and quality supplies if you really do not have to. Also, do not miss getting all required permits, as missing any of these can cost you. That is why you might need more money than you think.

See if there is a chance for an incentive or a loan to start a business. If not, you can borrow money from a bank or private lenders. It is only important to find acceptable ways of financing that you will be able to meet until your business gets on its feet.


Get Trailer and Equipment


First, you need a trailer. It will be pulled by another vehicle, so the assumption is that you have one. The manufacturers of these vehicles offer them in different designs and sizes, depending on your needs. You can buy coffee trailers from V Street Food and get outstanding and affordable vehicles for your new business.

As for the equipment, trailers mostly come with one some of it, while the rest you have to buy yourself. You will need a good coffee maker, grinder, shelves, a counter, a freezer, and even a dishwasher. You can get a small table and a few chairs or a counter just big enough for two or three customers.

The equipment does not have to be the most expensive one, but it does not have to be of poor quality either. The appliances should be new. New espresso machines make great coffee, and that should be the product to remember you by.


Quality Supplies

Make sure to educate about getting good beans and brewing quality beverages. As selling coffee is a high-profit margin business, you will surely have your investment back sooner or later. People appreciate a good cup of quality coffee. So, if you pay for quality beans, you will brew and sell them well, too. Earnings can be tenfold per cup.

Have both products and services to remember. Make sure you always have fresh grounds of different roasts. Think of custom cups and mugs printed with your company logo and message. Serve a candy or praline with hot beverages. A good cup of joe is important, so is the quality service.


Think of Location

The good thing about coffee trailers is that you can move your business as needed. For example, an important match is being played at a local stadium – you are there. The premiere of the film is in the cinema – you are there. You want a central area that is easy to access.

If you do not plan your trip, this can be the hard part of the job. So always determine which distance is cost-effective. For example, these can be all places within half an hour of driving. Anything farther than that will require more gasoline and effort to reach.


Create Brand Recognition


Suppose you want to be receptive to young, successful people. In that case, your menu should include decaffeinated coffee and those with added milk and flavors. You would point out that the coffee beans you use are of organic origin and sustainably grown. Also, you offer reusable cups rather than paper and plastic ones. That is something that the young population appreciates.

Your branding also includes different ideas for your name and logo. If you are opening a unique franchise of mobile coffee shops, you should go with something unique. That is still a small niche within the coffee industry, so you can be creative and develop an unusual and easy-to-remember name and logo.

Having a coffee shop is a great thing, especially if you are a true fan of this hot beverage. But being a mobile food entrepreneur can bring the success of your coffee business to a higher level. It is a more convenient and cheaper venture than starting a brick-and-mortar store but can be equally (or even more) profitable.

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