Keurig K10 Vs. K15 – Our Side by Side Look At The Two Machines

by | May 23, 2019

Keurig has a long history of making high-quality machines, perfect for the home or your workspace. Many Keurig machines are designed for larger groups of people, meaning the machine can make numerous cups of coffee at a time.

The Keurig K10 and Keurig K15 however, are both small machines, perfect for using yourself or for one or two people and these are two machines we will be looking at.

Which Machine Should You Buy?

Our Winner: Keurig K15 

Both machines come in a variety of colors and will fit well into your home or in a workspace. While both machines are similar there are some subtle differences between the two. Let’s find out which machine is the best in this complete review.

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The Keurig Mini K15

The Keurig Mini K15 is a small compact machine that will fit well into any kitchen or office space. The K15 will brew six, eight, or ten-ounce sizes of coffee. The K15 comes in a variety of different colors: black, red, green, grey, and blue. Similar to the K10, the reservoir can hold up to 10 ounces of water. If your cup is of a larger size, then you can remove the drip tray to be able to accommodate the size of your cup.

Due to the compact size of the K15, it’s easy to move around with it if you want to move it from one location to another. The K15 is also energy efficient; the machine switches itself off after each use. Turning itself off after 90 seconds of inactivity.


The process for using the K15 is incredibly simple. Fill the reservoir to the desired water level, lift the handle at the front of the machine so the water can flow through. Insert your K-Cup pod into the machine and press the power button. The button will flash red, letting you know the water is heating up, and the coffee will start to brew. The brewing of the coffee takes around 2 minutes — the same length of time as the Keurig Model K10.

One disadvantage of the K15 Keurig is that you have to refill it with water every time you want a fresh cup of coffee. With the machine being small it doesn’t come with a large reservoir so you will need to refill it for each use. Despite this, the K15 is a very convenient machine, particularly if you’re looking for a quick cup of coffee to get you going in the morning.


Pros and Cons of the Keurig Mini K15

What we really like

The machine switches off after each use, saving power.

Coffee is brewed in under 2 minutes

Compact size

Easily Transportable

K15 comes in a variety of colors

The machine is easy to use

What we don't like

✗ No water reservoir

✗ Chord length is short

✗ Coffee not as hot as larger coffee machines


Keurig K10 Mini Plus

The Keurig K10 Mini Plus is a swift small machine that will brew and heat your coffee in two minutes. The K10 is perfect for fitting into small spaces, making a great addition to your kitchen, workspace, or even your own home office.

The K10 gives you a choice of three cup sizes: six, eight or ten ounces and each K10 machine comes with a six-count K-Cup variety pack so you can get to know your new machine through a variety of flavors.
An advantage of choosing a machine like the K10 is that it negates the need to grind coffee beans and load the ground beans int<o coffee filters, this makes the machine easy to use and it’s a clean and comfortable process. The Keurig k10 is 10.8 inches tall and 8.7 lbs. The Keurig k 10 comes in a variety of colors: orange, red, green or purple.


The main advantage of the K10 Keurig is the convenience; there is no grinding or measuring the coffee, or the hassle of cleaning out a filter. Simply fill up the water reservoir, which comfortably holds 10 ounces of water and lift the handle on the front of the machine so the water can flow through, put the K Cup in the machine and press brew. The machine will heat the water and brew the coffee.

The drip tray is also easy to remove, so if your cup is slightly larger than usual, the machine can accommodate its size. The machine is best suited for one or two people if you’re looking to brew coffee in the morning for more people it may be worth considering a larger machine.


Pros and Cons of the Keurig K10 Mini Plus

What we really like

The Kuerig K10 is very simple to use

Conveniently fits into most spaces

Fits a variety of K-Cup flavors

Coffee is ready in under 2 minutes

What we don't like

✗ Not suitable for large groups of people

✗ K-Cups are not recyclable


Keurig K10 vs. K15: What’s The Difference?

Ease of Use

Both the Keurig K10 and K15 are simple to use. The process of making a cup of coffee in both is a straightforward process to follow. Both machines accommodate three different cup sizes: six, eight, and ten ounces.
When testing both machines to see how long they take to brew a cup, both clocked in at under two minutes; This is perfect for if you want a quick cup of coffee and not waiting around for an extended period of time.

Both machines are small and compact, so they are easy to maneuver if you’re ever looking to relocate the machine. A disadvantage of both machines is that they don’t come with a water reservoir, so whichever machine you decide to go for, bear in mind that you will have to refill both each time you want a fresh cup of coffee.

Both machines are very similar, the Keurig 15 comes with the ‘auto turn-off’ feature, which is the main difference between Keurig K10 and K15.


Dimensions and Design

Both machines are compact and small in size. The K10 weighs slightly more than the Keurig K 15 weighing 9.6 pounds, with the K10 weighing 8.6 pounds. Both machines are slick and simple in design, and with both coming in a variety of colors, there’s a design to suit your taste.

The drip trays in both machines are easy to remove, so if your cup overflows or if any residue is left over after you’ve used the machine a few times then it’s easy to keep clean. It’s recommended that you keep the drip tray clean and also the water tank, by wiping them down regularly.

The added benefit of the Keurig Mini K15 possessing an ‘auto-turn’ of feature, means that it doesn’t matter if you forget to turn the machine off after you’ve used it. As mentioned in the introduction, the K15 will turn off automatically after ninety seconds of inactivity.


Keurig K10 vs. K15: Which Machine Is Better?

Our Winner: Keurig K15 

Overall, the K15 is the superior machine out of the two. Both will serve the purpose of providing you with a quick and easy to use the machine, but the K15 wins the battle due to the features it possesses.

With it’s ‘auto-off’ feature, the K15 prevents the potential mistake of you leaving the room and forgetting to turn off the machine after you’ve used it. Also, it means that the K15 is more energy efficient than the K10, which is another plus.

It’s a close battle though, deciding which machine is better but the Keurig K15 Classic along with being a new machine than the K10 is more energy efficient, it’s easy to transport and will give you a great tasting cup of coffee in under two minutes.

So, given the choice of the two I would go for the K15, some buyers have noted a couple of reliability issues with the K10, so on the back of this and with the added features that the Keurig® K15 coffee maker possesses then the K15 stands out as the better of the two Keurig machines.


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