Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate? What Is Really The Most Caffeinated Drink?

by | Jul 30, 2019


We’ve all tried it, many of us love it. But there is one thing that causes disagreement among Coffee lovers everywhere it’s how much caffeine affects people and how much of it is in coffee. Is Coffee really the drink with the most caffeine? That’s the topic we’ll look at today and look to determine whether it is or not.

The good thing is that if you are sensitive to caffeine then you can still enjoy the wholesome flavors of coffee by drinking decaf Coffee.

There are many drinks in the world which contain caffeine. Soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Tea and even foods such as chocolate contain caffeine. So caffeine is common, but to get a better understanding of Caffeine lets first take a look at what exactly caffeine is.

What Exactly Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a natural stimulant most commonly found in Coffee and Tea. Caffeine helps millions of people each day wake up properly and give them a boost in the morning. It’s a stimulant that can aid concentration and has been linked to lowering the risk of someone developing numerous diseases.

Caffeine is found naturally in over 60 plants.

Despite its positive effects, caffeine can also be a negative for some people. If someone is prone to anxiety or had problems sleeping then caffeine can exacerbate these problems. So it’s really important for the individual to know how caffeine affects them before they consume it.

You may already know how caffeine affects you, but if you don’t then you may have to do a bit of trial and error to find your limitations with the stimulant.


Is It Safe To Consume Caffeine?

It’s hard to definitively state if caffeine is safe or not as people can have such an individual response to it. It’s generally recommended that adults should limit their caffeine intake to around 400 mg per day. Which is around three regular eight-ounce cups of Coffee.

We all know someone who can drink seemingly endless cups of Coffee and be fine, whereas someone else we know can drink one cup and be on edge for hours. Recommended caffeine intake also varies by age. A lady who is pregnant is only recommended to have around 300 mg of caffeine intake per day, whereas a child should be consuming less than 100 mg per day.


How Much Caffeine Does Your Morning Brew Contain?

So we now know some rough figures about how much caffeine you should be having per day. But let’s break it down even further and take a look at how much caffeine is in a regular cup of Coffee.

In your average 8 oz cup of Brewed Coffee, you can find about 95 grams of Caffeine.   can make brewed Coffee in a variety of ways including using a French Press, a percolator or using a coffee filter. The caffeine content in a cup of coffee can vary and be affected by a few different factors.

The way that Coffee beans are roasted can have an effect on how much caffeine is in them. You may be surprised to find out that if a bean is of a darker roast then it actually contains less caffeine than a lighter roast.

How ground the coffee beans are can also affect how much caffeine the beans have in them. If the Coffee Beans are ground more finely then the more caffeine the cup will contain. For example, Turkish Coffee and an Espresso require a much more finely ground bean than drip-brewed Coffee.

The type of Coffee bean you use will also affect the caffeine content of your cup. Interestingly Robusta Coffee beans which are the beans used in most instant coffees have about twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans. So if you drink higher-quality coffee then you may be consuming less caffeine than if you drink low-quality Coffee.


How Much Caffeine Is In Other Beverages?

As with Coffee, there are different factors that affect the levels of Caffeine in tea. Factors such as the growing region, variety of plant, the age of the plant and the age of the leaf all affect the amount of caffeine in a cup of tea.

does tea have more caffeine than coffee

In the average 8 oz cup of White Tea, there is around 30-55 mg of Caffeine. In Green Tea, there is around 35-70 mg of Caffeine in a standard 8 oz cup and in Black Tea has around 60-90 mg of caffeine in an 8 oz cup.

Whereas the average cup of Coffee has around 95-100 mg of caffeine. So it does appear that Coffee contains the most caffeine out of the usual types of beverage. The good thing is that if you don’t enjoy caffeine you can also buy decaf tea.


What Are Some Surprising Sources Of Caffeine?

It doesn’t really come as any shock that Coffee contains the most caffeine. But there are some sources of caffeine that may surprise you. One of the more surprising places you’ll find caffeine is in weight loss pills. In fact, diet pill manufacturers have overloaded pills with caffeine. According to a 2005 study by taking 1,223 in a daily dose of Zantrex-3 is like having 12 cups of Coffee.

Pain relief tablets such as aspirin contain a small amount of caffeine and it’s been said that if you take more than the recommended amount then these tablets can actually cause headaches rather than cure them. The athletes use caffeine pills for more energy, the significant portion of caffeine content is also present in weight loss pills.

Other surprising sources of caffeine include breath sprays and energy water, energy drinks, coke and even chocolate. So, caffeine really is everywhere and you consume it in many different ways.


Conclusion – What Is The Most Caffeinated Drink?

By the looks of it, Coffee does contain the most caffeine out of all the common beverages that we regularly consume. If you are unsure how much caffeine you should be consuming then be sure to consult a medical professional for proper advice.

Caffeine affects every person differently and some people will be able to consume more than others, so enjoying a couple of cups of coffee per day is perfectly ok. As with everything try it and see how you react to it, but hopefully, this article has helped give you some insight into how you can enjoy caffeine responsibly.

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