3 Reasons Why Your Coffee Tastes Sour

3 Reasons Why Your Coffee Tastes Sour

There are several causes of a coffee’s sour flavor. This is a common problem that can ruin a perfectly good morning. You may be brewing the coffee incorrectly, or the beans might be under-roasted. Under-extraction will not produce sugars or bitterness, so your coffee will taste sour.

Here are some reasons why your coffee tastes sour:

Improper Extraction

Often, sour coffee is caused by improper extraction. Depending on your coffee brewing method, there may be a number of causes. First of all, you may be under-extracted, which will result in a sour tasting beverage. This problem can be corrected by increasing the brew time, or by using coarse or uneven coffee grounds. Additionally, water temperature is important, as it should be 203 degrees Fahrenheit, or just under boiling.

During the brewing process, the coffee is under-extracted. If this is the case, it will taste grassy or lemony. Under-extraction is the major cause of sour coffee. The coffee’s flavor is not extracted properly. When you drink coffee that has this problem, you should make adjustments to your brewing method.

Over-extraction is another reason for sour coffee. The longer you brew your coffee, the more sugars and flavor it will contain. Over-extraction will produce a sour taste. It’s also important to use the right grind size. If you grind your beans too coarsely, they will not be as effective. Over-extraction can lead to a bitter taste.

Water Temperature

Another cause of sour coffee is improper water temperature. When you brew coffee, the water temperature is too hot or too cold. Both of these can affect the taste of the coffee. To counter this, you can make the water cooler by using less water and finer grind size. If neither of these remedies works, you should increase the brew time. The water temperature is another potential cause of a sour smell or taste.

Improper Brewing Time

One of the most common reasons for sour coffee is that the water is too warm. Adding more water can help reduce this, but it can also cause the coffee to sour faster. Besides, improper brewing time can affect the taste. Lastly, coffee with a sour taste could also be under-extracted. Insufficient extraction will result in a bitter or sour cup of coffee.

Best Tips to Brew Perfect Coffee:

If you’re a fan of coffee, but it always tastes sour to you, there are a few things you can do to fix the problem. Sour coffee is often the result of under-extraction of the coffee grounds, which means the coffee was brewed too quickly. Over-extraction results in a bitter, over-acid taste, while under-extraction leaves the sugars and acidity in the ground coffee.

To fix this problem, follow these three simple tips:

Adding More Time to the Brewing Process

When you pour too much water, the coffee will not taste very strong. Instead, it will taste very bitter. A sour-tasting coffee can also be caused by improper brewing and extraction times. For this reason, it’s imperative to attend a coffee tasting. The best way to figure out the proper brewing time for your coffee is to ask a friend to taste a cup.

The reason your coffee tastes sour is because it is over-extracted. If you are not careful, your beans can easily go bad in a few months. You can fix this problem by using a different coffee filter and adding more time to the brewing process. If your coffee is too acidic, it is due to under-extraction. So, increase the brewing time. When you are brewing, be sure to adjust the temperature of the water.

Using Purified or Filtered Water

The water used in the brewing process is vital. Purified or filtered water will make the best coffee. If you use tap water, make sure it is pure. Adding vitamins and minerals will alter the taste. Likewise, the temperature of the water is crucial. The water should be 200F or 90C. Too-hot water can scorch the coffee beans and leave a bitter taste. The temperature of the water should be adjusted accordingly.

Roasting Coffee Beans Properly

Poor coffee beans are the most common cause of a sour taste. The coffee beans themselves are not roasted properly and may contain undesirable flavors. In this case, you may need to grind your coffee finer. The finer the grounds, the less acidic your drink will taste. This is a common problem caused by under-extraction, and the solution is to add more water to your recipe. However, it’s still possible to make your coffee sour if you make some mistakes.

Using the Right Coffee Pot

Under-extraction is another culprit for sour coffee. This can occur when the size of the coffee particle is too large. The larger the particle size, the longer it takes to saturate the water and extract the flavor. If you don’t have a good coffee pot, you can’t avoid experiencing a sour taste with your coffee. But don’t despair! There are several ways to fix a sour coffee problem.

Usually, the sour taste comes from under-extraction. Coffee beans can contain essential oils that can build up in the coffee machine. If these oils are not extracted properly, the resulting brew will have an unpleasant taste. If you’ve ever made your coffee without proper extraction, you should know what the causes of sour coffee are. If you’ve been using the wrong coffee pot, make sure you use the right one.

Using Right Amount of Coffee

Over-extraction is a common reason for sour coffee. If the coffee has too much oil or not enough water, the extraction process is too slow. Insufficient coffee can result in under-extraction and a sour taste. In addition, the coffee will lose flavor if it’s over-extracted. For this, you should use a sufficient amount of coffee for brewing a cup of joe. If you haven’t yet tried these fixes, you should try them and see if they work!

Adding More Water

Insufficient water can also cause your coffee to taste sour. If your water is too hot, the coffee won’t dissolve the flavor of the coffee. You must add a little more water. This will make your drink sour. You may need to adjust the grind size and brew for longer. But if your coffee still tastes sour, you can fix it by adding more water.


Bad coffee beans can also make your coffee taste sour. Under-roasted beans can cause your coffee to be bitter. This happens when your coffee is not prepared properly. You can fix this with better grinding and more water. Then you can enjoy your freshly brewed coffee. Sour tasting, sour, and acidic, coffee is the most common problem. Fortunately, there are several easy fixes.


Which water filtration method makes the best-tasting morning brew?

Which water filtration method makes the best-tasting morning brew?

You know that coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, but did you know that it’s also one of the most complex? You could be wasting your time and money on a bad brew if you’re using the wrong water filtration method.

The main types suitable for home coffee-making are carbon filters, activated carbon filters, and reverse osmosis. Learn which one will give you an extra-delicious cup of Joe so you can start your day off right!

Why water filtration is important for coffee-making

Water is one of the most important parts of the coffee-making process. The wrong water filtration method can lead to a bad cup of coffee, while the right one can make all the difference.

Water can affect the taste of your coffee because it can alter the flavor of the beans. If your water is high in chlorine, for example, it can give your coffee a harsh taste. To get the best-tasting cup of coffee, you need to use water that’s free of impurities and has a neutral flavor.

This is where water filtration comes in. By using a carbon filter, activated carbon filter, or reverse osmosis system, you can remove harmful contaminants from your water and improve its flavor. Which one you choose will depend on your needs and budget.


Common types of filtration for coffee-making

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular filtration methods and their benefits.


Carbon block filters

These filters use carbon to remove chlorine and other chemicals from the water. This is a good option for people who live in areas with chlorinated water. They also remove sediment and organic matter, which can affect the taste of the coffee.

Carbon block filters are expensive to manufacture, and while the filtration quality is high, the water can take a long time to flow through the filter.


Activated carbon filters

Compared to carbon block filters, those made with activated carbon are cheaper and the water flows much quicker.

Many popular water filter pitchers like the Brita pitcher use activated carbon filters.


Reverse osmosis (RO)

This filtration method is very popular. It uses a membrane to filter the water, and it reduces the TDS (total dissolved solids). However, this method wastes as much as 2 gallons of water for every 1 gallon that comes out of your faucet.

RO is generally considered the best water for making coffee because it’s totally flavor-neutral. However, it wastes a lot of water and is far from environmentally friendly.

Reverse osmosis also tends to be pretty expensive.


Ceramic Water Filters

These filters are a good option for people who want to remove chlorine and other chemicals from their water but don’t want to spend a lot of money. They also remove sediment and organic matter.

Ceramic water filters are usually used as gravity filters. These are popular for camping and RVs as they’re lightweight, require no power, and are easy to move around.


A note on bottled water

Not all bottled water is created equal. Some bottled waters are great for coffee-making, while others are not. Make sure to read the label to see how the water has been filtered.

Reverse Osmosis bottled water is readily available in most supermarkets these days, and it makes a great cup of coffee. The big problem is that by using bottles, you’re contributing to unnecessary waste and adverse environmental impact.


How to choose the best water filter for your coffee making

Choosing a filtration method will depend on what kind of coffee drinker you are.


The Home Coffee Purist

Do you grind your own beans, own a drip machine, an AeroPress, a Moka pot, and a V60? Then you’re probably a purist.

For the home coffee purist, the outlay and upkeep of a reverse osmosis system are probably worth the investment. Plus this will give you peace of mind knowing that every cup of coffee is going to be great.


The Refined (But Lazy) Coffee Drinker

Some people want all the fancy bells and whistles in their coffee machines and equipment – but they don’t want to go through the work of making it themselves. For these coffee drinkers, carbon filters are probably a good bet.

This way, they can enjoy delicious cups without having to do any extra work or spend too much money. The only drawback is that carbon filters tend to be less environmentally friendly than reverse osmosis systems, with disposable cartridges.


Weekend Warrior

Nescafe during the week, and a specialty blend at the weekend? The initial outlay of a reverse osmosis water filter is probably overkill for you. You can probably get away with tap water to make your instant coffee in the week and buy a bottle of reverse osmosis water from the supermarkets for the weekend.

Just make sure you’re recycling your bottles and not just throwing them in the regular trash can!


The Budget-Conscious Coffee Drinker

Activated-carbon water filter pitchers make a great option for those who like filtered water and want access to home-brewed coffee without spending a lot of money. They are affordable and easy to use, and they don’t require any extra equipment.

However, they don’t remove all of the chlorine from the water, so they’re not ideal for people who live in areas with chlorinated water.


The Coffee Nomad

Do you pack your AeroPress on every hiking trip? Are you always on the go?

Picking up a gravity-fed, ceramic water filter like the Big Berkey is probably the best bet for you. Not only will you have clean drinking water, but you’ll be able to recreate your perfect cup of coffee wherever you are!


The Bottom Line

Water filtration is an important part of making a great cup of coffee. The right filter can make all the difference in the taste of your beverage. There are several different filters to choose from, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Choose the one that’s best for you and start brewing!

Get These 9 Things For The Coffee Addicts In Your Life

Get These 9 Things For The Coffee Addicts In Your Life

There are worse things to be addicted to than coffee. The delicious drink has been enjoyed for thousands of years and offers many health benefits. If your loved ones are coffee addicts, then choosing a gift for them won’t be difficult. The coffee industry is huge, and as one might expect, there are a lot of different things that you can get from a coffee addict.

In this article, we will explain nine of the best things that you can get for the coffee addicts in your life.

Easy Serve Espresso Pods

Easy serve espresso pods (ESE pods) are growing in popularity, mainly due to their convenience. Like tea, ESE coffee pods come in small bags. You simply drop them into a pot of hot water, and voilà. Making espressos without these bags can be very inconvenient, especially for working professionals constantly on the move. These small, handy bags make brewing espressos much easier. In addition, it can save your loved one a lot of money. When one can’t make espresso at home, one naturally turns to the local coffee shop. Coffee shops charge a fortune for espressos.


Reusable Coffee Cups

Plastic disposable coffee cups are bad for the environment; paper cups are a waste of paper.  If your loved one is constantly on the move, however, then they need some kind of cup, and many times a flask just won’t cut it. If you want to get your loved ones a gift that they are guaranteed to enjoy, then get them a reusable coffee cup. These cups are dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly, often made from metals or recycled plastics. Reusable coffee cups are also very affordable, so they make for a great gift if you are on a budget.


Coffee Infusions

There are myriad coffee products infused with essential oils available online. If your loved one is a coffee lover, why not get them one of these products? Try to find out what flavours they enjoy most, then search for coffee infusions featuring these flavours. For example, if your loved one likes vanilla, then find a coffee bean infused with vanilla. Coffee infusions are cheap, easy to find, and are a sure-fire way to impress your loved one. Make sure to research the product before you buy it, so you can ensure that the infusion has taken place naturally.


Coffee Syrup

Most coffee drinkers also enjoy consuming coffee-based desserts, and syrups. If you want to impress your loved ones and show them that you know how much they like coffee, then why not get them a coffee syrup? There are many different flavour combinations for you to choose from, but vanilla and coffee and maple syrup and coffee are the most popular. Coffee syrup is great with pastries, so you could go out and pick your loved one up some of their favourite pastries for when you give them the gift. This will allow them to try your gift out in front of you!


Coffee Samples

Many gourmet coffee companies are operating online now. Many of these companies offer coffee samples, usually for a small fee. These samples will include a variety of different coffee products, with beans from across the world. Trying out one of these services and buying some of these samples allows you to introduce new beans and new brands to your loved ones. You will feel incredibly happy with yourself if your loved one takes up your suggestion and starts buying coffee from one of the brands you have brought them a sample of.


Coffee Maker

If you want to get your loved one an extravagant and useful gift, then why not just invest in a coffee maker for them? If you are on a budget and can’t afford a brand new coffee maker, then you may be able to get one on credit or an instalments programme with a platform like Klarna. With that said, Christmas is approaching, which means that there will be coffee makers offered on sale. Try to browse as many sales as you can, to find the best deal.


Art Prints

Coffee lovers don’t just like drinking coffee, they also like enjoying coffee-related artwork and memorabilia. There are lots of different art prints that you can order online featuring coffee. If you want to get your loved one a good gift, then why not get them an art deco coffee print? You can either get one that’s mass produced, or you can commission an artist to make one for your loved one. Truthfully, one that has been made specifically for your loved one is a much better gift than one that millions of other people have.


Coffee Toiletries

There are several brands that offer toiletries infused with coffee. Coffee has myriad benefits for one’s health, including one’s skin and hair. If you are interested in getting your loved one a unique coffee-related gift, then a moisturiser, shampoo, or soap infused with coffee is worth considering. Not only will they benefit from it, but they will also smell like coffee all day. Try to find a brand that offers products with natural and organically sourced ingredients. Because the toiletries will contain coffee, make sure that the coffee is Fairtrade or is from a sustainable farm.


Brewing Guide

There are many different ways one can brew a cup of coffee. If your loved one loves coffee but isn’t an expert, why not get them a guide? A guide will teach them how to make different types of coffee. This will give them something to do in their spare time and will be very fun. You could also get them several different machines to complement this book. Many manufacturers offer guides on how to brew coffee, giving instructions on how to make everything from mochas to drip coffee. You can find brewing guides online or in cookery stores. If you’re on a budget, you can even print off and prepare your own.

If you have a coffee addict in your life, then buying a gift for them won’t be difficult. Make sure to find out what coffee-related things they have at home first, so you don’t get them something they don’t need.

Top Health Benefits Of Organic Coffee That You Didn’t Know About

Top Health Benefits Of Organic Coffee That You Didn’t Know About

Most people nowadays cannot function without a morning dose of caffeine stirred in a sweet cup of coffee. While for some it only stops there, others don’t take their love for the tasty beverage lightly. Only if you are a coffee enthusiast will you know just how important it is to find the perfect type of coffee for you. That’s why you probably jump at the chance of trying anything new in hopes of finding your signature coffee. Well, we’re here to help you with your honorable quest by introducing you to organic coffee. With all its health benefits, it will surely convince you to give it a try.

What is Organic Coffee?

We all know about organic meats and eggs and things like these, but organic coffee may seem like a foreign concept to many people. In general, organic products are different in a way that they have limited exposure to any kind of artificial elements such as pesticides, growth stimulants, chemically formulated fertilizers, or antibiotics. This goes for organic coffee as well, in addition to being grown in organic farms that are constantly inspected by a government-certified official to meet the qualification set to be considered organic. It has to abide by sustainability and a certain quality of air and water.


Health Benefits of Organic Coffee

Contains More Antioxidants

A known benefit of coffee, in general, is being rich in antioxidants which have a huge impact on protecting cells against free radicals. They help combat heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more.

When it comes to organic coffee, it’s particularly richer in antioxidants since it’s grown in nutrient-rich soil without any chemicals. Now you don’t need to own your own plant, but simply having a medium roast coffee ground in stock for daily consumption can do wonders in preventing diseases. You just have to find the best offers in the market for your ideal mixture of tastes. In fact, one cup of it can give you more antioxidants than both fruits and vegetables combined!


Grown without Synthetic Pesticides

Pesticides sneak their way into all that we consume and they are extremely toxic to our bodies and may cause allergic reactions, headaches, nausea, skin rashes, and more. That’s why the fact that organic coffee is completely void of pesticides gives it a huge advantage over regular coffee. Not only is it pesticide-free, but it’s also free of herbicides, fungicides, and other chemicals. Even though pesticides are eliminated during the roasting process anyway, it gives you extra reassurance especially when it comes to coffee imports from countries without health regulations regarding chemical use in farms.


Contains More Nutrients

Coffee is not the go-to source for nutrients and vitamins, but even regular coffee contains some main elements such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, manganese, potassium, and vitamin B3. However, they are present in small percentages as opposed to organic coffee which, due to being grown in healthy soil, absorbs more amounts of these vitamins. It is also full of other micronutrients such as niacin. However, this doesn’t exactly mean you should rely on it as your main source of nutrients. Rather, it helps to know that your daily coffee intake can aid in maintaining your health.


Increases Metabolism

Speaking of nutrients in organic coffee, they don’t just give value to your cup of coffee and overall health. These nutrients also aid in processing food better and therefore keep your hormones under control. What does this all mean? It means that your metabolic rate will be more enhanced, leading to easier weight loss. Coffee is known to increase adrenaline in the blood which in turn has the ability to improve the way fat is used as fuel. It doesn’t stop there, it also enhances your workouts or any physical activity!


Other Benefits of Organic Coffee

Better For The Environment

Besides looking into our own benefits gained from drinking organic coffee, we should also consider how it’s better for our environment. The lack of chemicals used in the farms and soil where it grows means sparing the environment from its harmful effects. The residues from these chemicals also get stuck in the air and water, worsening the state of our ecosystem, and increase in water and food pollution. Using natural fertilizers will also mean leaving behind lesser carbon levels as well by methods such as composting trap carbon in the soil then having it break down before entering the atmosphere.


Safer For Farmers

By consuming organic coffee, not only will you be doing yourself a favor by reaping its health benefits, you’ll be helping out coffee farmers. Since growing it is not easy nor cheap, farmers can ask for a higher price for their products because of the better quality it has, which means workers will get better, fairer wages. The fact that there are no pesticides used in its production also maintains farmers’ health, not just your own! They won’t be exposed to toxins and be forced to deal with various poisons while doing their job.


Preservation of Nature

Another eco-friendly perk that comes with its consumption is that it aids in maintaining and preserving various forms of life. Regular coffee, for example, needs to be grown where there’s a full sun which means that forests are specially cleared to make coffee fields. Organic coffee, on the other hand, can grow perfectly in shady, lush forests which are a shelter for wildlife, birds, and plants. There’s also the fact that not using chemicals means less emission of greenhouse gases that add to air pollution.



Now that you know all about organic coffee and all the health perks it can give you, what’s stopping you from switching from regular coffee? If it’s the taste you’re worried about, many assume that organic means tasteless but that’s not the case with coffee. On the contrary, the lack of chemicals added to it only makes its true flavor more prominent and the aroma more mouthwatering. It’s natural for you to go through several types and brands of organic coffee before finding the right one, but once you do, it’s totally worth it!

6 Different Tasty Types Of Coffee That You Can Easily Make At Home

6 Different Tasty Types Of Coffee That You Can Easily Make At Home

Many people start their morning with a cup of coffee, and it is a beverage that is consumed throughout the world. That is why you would probably want to make the best one for you and your loved ones. This article will teach you about six different types of coffee that you can easily make at home.

1. Americano

The Americano is a shot of espresso with added hot water. This drink is also called a long black, and it typically contains between one and three shots of espresso. You can use any kind of espresso for an Americano, but an arabica coffee works best. This type of coffee is quick to make, and it is perfect for consuming either during or after a meal. You can see here some more tips on coffee making, and also you can find some unique coffee maker reviews. The Americano is a full-flavored and rich caffeine drink that can give you the kick that you need in the morning. Many people mix this drink with milk or cream, but you can also use sugar if you prefer. It’s popular with people who are looking for a caffeinated drink that is not as strong as espresso.


2. Black Coffee or Espresso

If you are someone who loves the taste of a straightforward and strong coffee, then you might want to give the black coffee a try. This type of drink consists of just one or two shots of espresso and hot water added into an espresso cup, and it is one that contains no milk or sugar. The taste of this beverage can be bitter and intense, but many people enjoy its flavor because it does not have any other ingredients mixed with it. It’s typically drunk as a pre-dinner pick me up or as a caffeine boost during the day. You can buy some best espresso machines online, which will make your task much easier than ever before.


3. Cappuccino

The cappuccino consists of 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 espresso. Many people enjoy the balance of the cappuccino because it is less bitter than black coffee and contains just enough caffeine to give you a boost without making you feel jittery. It certainly consists of a good blend of flavors, but you should remember that this drink can take some time to prepare because there are many steps that need to be followed during its creation. You also need to practice in order to perform a well-made cappuccino every time. Many people consider the cappuccino to be a morning drink, but it can be consumed at any time of the day. It is best served with sugar if you are not using milk or cream.


4. Latte

If you are looking for a more milky coffee drink, then you should probably try out the latte. This drink usually consists of an espresso shot mixed with steamed milk, and it is one that does not involve foaming the milk prior to its addition. It also contains no sugar, but some people choose to mix in a bit of sugar into the beverage after pouring, in order to taste it more intensely. Many people enjoy drinking this coffee because it is creamy, smooth, and tastes delicious. Latte is also a good option for those who do not like their coffee to be as bitter as espresso. Many people also think that this beverage is aesthetically pleasing, which is why it is chosen by many coffee shops.


5. Macchiato

The macchiato has an intense coffee flavor, but it is totally different from traditional black coffee or espresso drinks. The drink consists of only 1/3 steamed milk and 2/3 espresso shots for its preparation. This beverage involves either heating or foaming the milk before you add the espresso shots, and it is a popular drink among many people because it contains less milk than a cappuccino. The flavor of this beverage can be enhanced with the use of some cocoa powder or chocolate syrup for sweetness. Many people usually choose to have a macchiato during breakfast time, even though you can prepare one any time that you wish to consume something different from your everyday coffee drink.


6. Café Mocha

When most people hear the word mocha, they automatically think about chocolate, but this is not always true. In fact, the café mocha’s real name is simply latte, which has been combined with chocolate syrup or melted chocolate mixed into it. This type of coffee is also commonly referred to as the “chocolate latte” because it has a rich chocolate flavor and can be enjoyed by people who never drink coffee. Some cafés serve this beverage with whipped cream on top, which makes it even more delicious than ever. You can also add some mint or almond extracts into the coffee in order to enhance its flavors even further.


Why is coffee culture so big?

Coffee culture seems to be prevalent in today’s society because many people are constantly looking for ways to increase their overall energy levels. Most people feel as if they lack enough sleep, and they consume coffee during the early hours of the day to become more focused, energized, and awake after their morning routines. 

Some individuals also choose to drink coffee before working out or engaging in other physical activities because it can help them determine an increased heart rate, which will make them burn off extra calories faster than ever before. Anytime that you need to give yourself a boost of energy, it is okay to drink coffee. If you find that coffee enhances your energy levels or helps you become more productive during the day, then why not make it part of your morning routine?


How many types of coffee are there in the world?

There are many types of coffee in the world, with some having distinct flavors that can be incredibly hard to replicate. Whether you like your coffee black or with cream and sugar, there is a type of coffee out there that tastes similar to it. Coffee comes from plants called Coffea which grow in tropical areas all over the planet. The taste and look of each cup of coffee varies depending on where it was grown. Some people even choose to purchase fair trade coffees because they support small-scale farmer cooperatives around the globe.

There are many types of caffeinated beverages that you can make at home with your own  machine, and each one of them is tasty and unique in their own way. Try each of our suggestions and see which one you like best!

Announcing the Top Speciality Coffee Supplier: Choosing a Supplier

For some people, a steaming cup of coffee every day is a must and it’s no surprise as caffeine is known to boost productivity both mentally and physically. This is why it is a part of many pro athletes’ pre-workout supplements. However, not everyone takes coffee because of its stimulating effect. Many consumers drink it simply because of its wonderful taste.

But this article isn’t directly talking to regular consumers of the drink, but rather to cafes and businesses that make this beverage available to regular consumers. As a coffee business, you must know that the most important part of your business is what is contained in the cup handed to customers.

Find The Best Coffee Supplier

To succeed in this business, it is extremely important that you provide a delicious cup of coffee every single time, regardless of whether you’re brewing it or selling its bean to customers. Of all the many factors that could influence the taste of your coffee, your bean supplier may be the most influential.

A top specialty coffee supplier provides only high-quality beans with every supply order. These types of suppliers also understand that order fulfillment is equally important to the success of their clients. Great suppliers know about the best ways to roast and package coffee beans so that cafes can serve coffee with premium taste. In this line of business, it’s easy to provide the best service to your customers if your supplier also provides great service to you.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the things you should look out for when shopping for a supplier. If you’re just starting your own coffee business, or you’re an existing business that would like to change suppliers, you’ll find this read very helpful. For new businesses, this aspect is incredibly important as the competition in this industry is fierce. To attract and retain customers, you must offer coffee with excellent taste.



With coffee, there are so many options that customers can choose from, giving them the right to be as picky as they would like about so many things. They have several options when it comes to the origin of their beans, how they are roasted, how the coffee is prepared, and who they choose to buy from.

As more and more coffee brands and shops spring up, businesses must strive to stay relevant in the game. Now more than ever, the quality of your product is highly crucial to the success of your business. You should be very careful when seeking out a supplier that you’d work with for the long term.

Before committing to anything, make sure you visit their warehouse to taste their coffee beans. It’s also helpful that you take another coffee-lover along as well in case your tastebuds decide to take a rain check. By visiting their warehouse, you’ll get to assess the equipment they use in roasting the beans and how they are stored.

To preserve the taste of coffee beans, they must be stored at temperatures between 68- and 77-degrees Fahrenheit. Storage spaces should be well-ventilated as heat and too much humidity can damage the quality and flavor of beans.


Turn Speed

To fulfill orders and your customers’ needs, it is important that you work with a supplier with a fast turn speed. With your supplier being on top of their game, it’s easy for you to always have your best-selling products in stock. In busy seasons, this can be a competitive edge.

It’s very easy to lose customers’ loyalty when their demands are frequently not being met. With many other options at their disposal, they’ll not hesitate to turn to other businesses that can fulfill their demands more quickly.

That said, you could forget to re-stock a product or may suddenly get a large order that you weren’t prepared for. These things happen and having a supplier you can rely on is important to recover from such unexpected events. Suppliers with fast turn-around times are lifesavers as they can fulfill emergency orders to save their clients from any embarrassment or the loss of customers.

Along with fast turn speed, good suppliers are very flexible when it comes to the volume of orders. For new businesses, this is very important as it allows them to make orders based on how the market is moving.


Customer Service

Many businesses don’t realize just how important customer service is until they’re having issues with an order or some transaction. Brands should ensure they seek out suppliers with excellent customer service for a frictionless relationship between both parties.

Reputable suppliers understand the importance of customer satisfaction and don’t mind going above and beyond to ensure their clients are satisfied and happy with their services. When deciding which company to work with, look for one that is committed to the success of your business just as you are. Companies like this will do their best to meet your needs and quickly attend to your requests.

The size of the supplier is also an important consideration. While more established companies may offer lower prices, they may not be able to provide individual attention to their customers. This is because they have so many brands that they work with, and this could affect their ability to personalize customers’ experiences. Click here to learn more about the importance of good customer service in business.



While coffee businesses should always prioritize quality, the price can be an important determinant in the supplier they choose to work with. You need suppliers that offer fair prices to be able to sell your own products to customers at reasonable prices as well. That said; don’t get swayed by really low prices as this often means low coffee bean quality. As you navigate this aspect, bear in mind that coffee with great taste isn’t cheap, but at the same time, shouldn’t be too expensive.


Final Thoughts

For a business to succeed, it is necessary for all important areas to be properly planned out. When it comes to consumable products like coffee, for example, quality and pricing must be gotten right for such a product to remain profitable.  If you’re just starting out your coffee business, make sure the customer is always in mind as you plan every step, from taste, to quality, and pricing.

Keurig Machines Vs. Regular Drip Coffee Makers: What’s The Difference?

Keurig Machines Vs. Regular Drip Coffee Makers: What’s The Difference?

Even if you’re not a coffee addict, don’t deny that you can function for the day without that morning cup of caffeine heaven. A real coffee enthusiast knows how hard it is to find the right coffee shop that makes coffee exactly as they prefer, and once you do, it becomes a haven where you spend all your money.

Well, why not have this haven at home or work where you can whip up that perfect cup of coffee at any time? If you’re looking to buy your own coffee machine, you must’ve stumbled upon Keurig machines and regular drip coffee makers, but what’s the difference? We’re here to enlighten you!

Overview of Keurig Machines

Keurig Machines are considered relatively new on the scene of coffee machines, and yet they have managed to steal the show.

It wasn’t in vain either, these beasts are known for their convenience and simplicity in use, not to mention their versatility, being able to brew both coffee and tea for those who can’t make up their minds!

It’s mostly famous for its K-cups, the single-use coffee pods that come with a certain amount of coffee sealed inside. All you need to do is pop it inside the Keurig machine, press a button, and you’ll have your delicious coffee in seconds. Once done, you don’t have to worry about washing your cup, just simply throw it away.


Overview of Regular Drip Coffee Makers

When we talk about drip coffee makers, it’s a pretty broad category, but we’re mainly referring to the ones making regular good old-fashioned coffee. These machines are the go-to for any household or office since they make relatively decent coffee and are reliable and not too hard to use.

They usually have one-use-only paper filters which can be a nuisance to use if we’re honest and while there are also ones with permanent filter baskets, they still have the downside of the effort and time they take to be properly cleaned.

The two features that make these machines a bit more convenient are the brew timer, you wake up to fresh coffee, and the automatic shut-off to avoid forgetting it running when rushing out of the house.


The Difference Between Keurig Machines and Regular Drip Coffee Makers


1) Brewing Method

Many people don’t know, but drinking coffee is all about that Cafestol which supplies us with the kick of caffeine that gets us running around the rest of the day. However, Cafestol is also responsible for the cholesterol intake we get from coffee and the brewing method is the main factor behind cafestol concentration.

When it comes to Keurig, they recently switched to BPA-free pods and their brewing method depends on the type of coffee you choose to go with. As for speed,

Keurig takes the lead, being able to get your coffee ready in less than a minute while the drip coffee machine will take a bit longer. Remember the time it also takes to grind the whole beans every once in a while to get fresher coffee.


2) Taste

Now we come to the most important aspect of coffee: how it actually tastes. Keurig coffee can promise you a cup of coffee that is straight out of a cafe, which is its biggest selling point. A press of a button can get you a Starbucks or Dunkin donuts quality coffee right in your home or office.

You’ll just need to do your research and find out more about the best Keurig machines here to buy the one that suits your favorite coffee shop taste and style.

As for regular drip coffee makers, they are perfect for those who care more about having a strong-flavored coffee than to have the cafe-style one without much coffee in it.


3) Time & Money Spent

When it comes to the cost, how much money do you spend on getting coffee from your favorite cafe? If you add it up, you’ll find that it costs a fortune to keep your caffeine addiction! The cost of both a Keurig or a drip machine can be a bit high, but you will be saving so much money in the long run.

You should know that Keurig machines will definitely be more expensive than drip coffee makers, but that’s because they give you that cafe-quality coffee you spend so much time and money on.

It’s not just money, a Keurig preps your coffee quickly, so you’ll stop running late to work because you were standing in a long line of coffee-drinkers also trying to get their fix before their shift! Meanwhile, a drip coffee will take more time to grind and prepare in the morning.


4) Function & Features

When you’re thinking of getting a coffee machine, you need to consider what kind of features you are looking for. Keurig machines can brew coffee as well as tea and other iced beverages. As for drip coffee makers, you only get a strong black cup of coffee we all know and love.

That’s why you need to put in mind the function you’re trying to get out of your coffee machine and make your decision accordingly.



Now that you know the difference between Keurig machines and regular drip coffee makers, let’s get to the bottom line and look at the pros and cons of each one. With a Keurig, you’ll never have the risk of making a bad cup of coffee, each time will feel like a trip to Starbucks.

The variety of flavors and brands also make it seem like you have your own coffee menu. However, Keurig has the downside of not being eco-friendly with its single-use cups. On the other hand, a regular drip coffee maker is a lot cheaper and it’s perfect for producing large amounts of coffee.

It also gives you control over how you make your coffee whether you want it strong, light, or sweet. Its downside, however, is that it doesn’t have much variety and it takes time and effort to prepare. There you have it, you have all the intel, the decision is yours!

How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh For Months

How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh For Months

Coffee is one of the nicest drinks you can consume for relaxation at home or a coffee bar with a friend while you sit to discuss how business went after a busy week.

Coffee offers an excellent flavor and freshness that you must ensure to keep that way; otherwise, you can’t enjoy every sip you take from the cup of coffee. A compromised coffee taste can ruin your coffee business and keep your customers away.

Understanding how to keep coffee beans fresh for months, especially if you buy a large quantity that you do not consume within a short period, is quite simple, and that is what this article is about.

Tips on How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh

Keeping your coffee beans fresh is very vital, as coffee can easily go bad when exposed to air for a long time without being used. That is why My Virtual Coffee House cares about how and where you preserve your coffee beans.

Preserving coffee beans is quite different from preserving other seeds like grain. It is not enough to find a space and dump them, believing that they are well preserved.

Preserving coffee beans requires so much care in order to protect the beans from going bad, even after using a preservation approach. Hence, the following are proven tips that will help you keep your coffee beans as fresh as you want them for weeks and months, as the case may be.


Should I Freeze My Coffee Beans?

One of the main methods of preserving food items is by freezing them, and most people recommend the same approach for preserving coffee beans.

First of all, you must avoid freezing your beans. If you must freeze it, ensure that it is carefully protected from moisture, which is likely to happen to anything kept to freeze.

Your coffee beans can also suffer freezer burn if they are not properly enclosed in the container where they are kept before being put in the freezer. Also, some containers are not tight enough to protect the air from gaining access, thereby affecting the coffee beans.

Therefore, keeping coffee beans in a freezer as a way of preserving them for a long time may not be the best. Instead, you can subscribe to the following tips to enable you to keep your coffee beans preserved for months.


Buy sufficient quantity

One of the basic ways to ensure that you always keep your coffee beans fresh is to buy the quantity that will be sufficient for your use within a short period so that you don’t have the extreme leftover to worry about.

Coffee starts losing its freshness almost after roasting; it’s the reason why it is best to keep your purchase of freshly roasted coffee within a small quantity. It would be best to determine how much quantity is sufficient for your use per time and buy it.

If you buy pre-ground coffee, endeavor to ensure it is not exposed to air; otherwise, it will go bad. Instead, grind the quantity you need before brewing, and use the subsequent method to keep the excess fresh for weeks and even months.


Store in a cool, airtight container

Heat, moisture, light, and air are some of the greatest enemies of coffee beans. So, it would help if you took caution in protecting your beans against these enemies so that you don’t have some wasted coffee beans.

Proper preservation also helps to retain the flavor of your freshly roasted coffee beans. To do this, store your beans in an airtight, opaque container and keep it at room temperature so that it is protected from direct contact with light, moisture, heat, and air.

While choosing a container to store your coffee beans, please do not use a canister because light can as well affect the taste even when it’s in the container. Rather, keep in cool and dark places after storing the beans in airtight containers.

It would be best if you did not keep the beans inside your kitchen cabinet close to your oven because of the heat that emanates from the oven. Remember that heat is an enemy. It would be best you stick to the use of an airtight sealed storage canister.

There are specialized coffee storage containers that can guarantee the complete absence of air from the coffee beans.

We recommend a vacuum canister at My Virtual Coffee House for coffee outlets that buy coffee beans in large quantities. The canister is completely free of air and guarantees that you don’t have anything to worry about. Investing in this kind of container is worth it.


Buy raw coffee beans

Don’t you think you should be roasting your coffee beans? Of course, you can. This is one of the ways to ensure the excellent preservation of your coffee beans. You should learn to buy green beans that have not been roasted and do the roasting yourself.

Raw beans can retain the coffee flavor for a year or thereabout, so you can take out a quantity and roast for your use. You could even experiment with various roasting methods to find out what’s easiest and fastest for you.

When you roast the beans by yourself, you can determine what to expect as you roast the coffee beans consistently.

However, you will have to learn the nitty-gritty about roasting coffee beans because your inability to roast them well can alter the coffee taste. Kindly dedicate some time to learn how to roast coffee beans correctly.


Final Thoughts

Understanding how to keep coffee beans fresh for months is not a difficult task to do. You do not need sophisticated machines to help you preserve your coffee beans for as long as you want them. You only need the right information which you have received from this article.

No matter what you do, never be careless about how and where you keep your coffee beans for preservation. If you keep them randomly, anywhere, you should as well keep some money aside to buy a new batch of coffee beans because they may go bad at any slight exposure to air, moisture, heat, and light.

A Simple Guide To Buying Good Quality Coffee Beans

A Simple Guide To Buying Good Quality Coffee Beans

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the many options of coffee beans on the internet? We’ve been there! If you’re a coffee drinker with a taste for good quality coffee beans, then you must know how hard it is to find good coffee.

If you’re tired of not being able to find exceptional coffee beans, then don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We understand that the struggle is real. This is why we have created this simple guide to help you buy good-quality coffee beans on your own!

Robusta vs Arabica

It is important to know the type of coffee beans that you’re getting. The type of coffee beans you use determines the sort of flavor and richness that you’re going to unlock in your cup of coffee. There are two main species of coffee beans namely Robusta and Arabica.

These coffee beans are quite different in terms of how they’re harvested, used, and also in terms of flavor. Arabica coffee beans are harvested on high altitudes with special care. Arabica beans are also bigger and dark green, whereas Robusta beans are pale green and smaller than Arabica beans.

When it comes to flavor, Arabica beans are less bitter and more aromatic than Robusta beans. However, Robusta beans are more economical and hardier crops. They offer a stronger flavor than Arabica beans. Some people may prefer to have a blend of arabica and robusta beans to produce lighter roasts.

Moreover, you should know that the place where your beans are harvested will affect the way they taste. For example, if your beans are harvested in Latin America, they will be sweeter but high in acidity. Whereas, the beans harvested in Indonesia will have a heart flavor with low acidity.



The world of coffee is diverse, flavorsome, and beautiful! Coffee is all about quality. The quality of coffee completely depends on how and where the coffee beans are harvested. Arabica coffee beans are said to be superior in quality to the Robusta coffee beans.

However, they’re also pricier as it is more difficult to cultivate. It is said that a French press can enhance the quality of your coffee. However, it is important to do your research on good coffee beans for French press, as the quality of the coffee beans matters as well.

If you want to have a bitter coffee experience, then Robusta coffee beans can work for you as well (they’re also cheaper!).

However, if you’re looking for a quality, flavorsome experience then you should stick to the Arabica coffee beans.


Roast Type

When you think of coffee beans, don’t you see dark roasted coffee beans instead of the raw, green coffee beans that we just discussed? This is because coffee beans are roasted before they can be brewed. But, what is a roast? Roasts refer to the process of heating the coffee beans until they acquire their dark, aromatic form that we’re familiar with.

There are three types of roasts: light, medium, and dark. How your coffee beans are roasted plays a great role in how your coffee will taste. Let’s discuss how each type of roast affects the flavor of your coffee.


Light Roast

Light roasted coffee is quite new. Until recently, the coffee beans have been dark roasted. Light roasted beans are lighter in color with a slightly higher concentration of caffeine. Light roasted coffee beans are roasted for short periods of time, which prevents the oil from breaking out on their surface.

This type of roast is used to retain the authentic characteristics of the coffee beans by using a gentler roasting process.

However, light roasted coffee beans can be a bit complicated to brew as the brewing method depends on natural gravity to extract its flavor. If you are looking to drink black coffee by using brewing methods that don’t use pressure, then lightly roasted coffee beans are for you.


Medium Roast

Medium roast refers to a darker roast with a stronger flavor and a non-oily surface. Medium roasted coffee beans are quite popular in the US. This is why this type of roast is also called American roast. Some people also call it the espresso roast.

Medium roasted coffee beans are perfect for espresso-based coffees but also other brewing methods including the cold drip, plunger, and filters, etc. What makes medium roasted coffee so great is that it offers you a variety of flavors that you cannot enjoy with dark roasted beans.

So, if you’re looking for a safe option to enjoy, then a medium roast might appeal to your taste buds.


Dark Roast

Dark coffee beans are the ones that are the most bitter in flavor and have an oily surface. The dark roasts have the least acidity out of the types of roasts. Dark roasted coffee has been widely used as it mostly comes from robusta beans.

As robusta is fairly easy to harvest, dark roasted coffee is cheaper than the other types. Moreover, it is also more bitter and lacks flavor as it is roasted for such a long period that it loses its original flavor.


Roast Date

Whether you like light, medium, or dark roasted coffee beans, it’s important to know the date when your coffee beans were roasted. It is said that the fresher the beans, the better the coffee. This is because the coffee starts oxidizing as it sits in the jar at your home.

This may affect the flavor of your coffee and impact your coffee experience. Most commercial coffees have an expiry date of a year. So, if the expiry date of your jar of coffee is in the next few months, it’s better to avoid it.



Well, there you have it! Now you’re ready to hunt for the best quality coffee beans! Go and get your coffee beans to become the best barista in town! You don’t have to wait for anyone else to make the sort of coffee that would soothe your taste buds.

Make coffee so good that no barista in town can match the elite taste of your coffee. So, go on and get yourself those amazing quality coffee beans.

How Many Watts Does a Coffee Maker Use?

How Many Watts Does a Coffee Maker Use?

Every appliance in your home consumes electricity. The amount it uses is measured in watts. The more watts, the more electricity it is using. Once you know this figure, you can estimate the environmental and financial impact that running that appliance has. Here is your guide to the amount of electricity it takes to run a coffee maker.

Average Watt Usage For a Coffee Maker

As we’ll mention a little later, each coffee maker is slightly different. However, most coffee makers on the market will use between 750 to 1,500 watts. We can put this into perspective by comparing it with some other common kitchen appliances. The electric skillet uses between 1,000 to 1,500 watts. A microwave will use between 1,000 and 2,000 watts. Your blender will use between 400 to 1,000 watts.

According to the Department of Energy, the average coffee maker will consume 1,000 watts. Most of this electricity is used to create heat. Much of this is used to boil the water. As we’ve seen, this type of energy consumption is on par with most other standard kitchen appliances.

If you are planning on purchasing a machine, you can look at the product specifications. This might tell you how many watts it will use when in operation.


How Much Does a Coffee Machine Cost to Run?

Once you know how many watts the coffee machine is using, it’s fairly easy to figure out how much it will cost to run. Let’s look at an example to see how you can do this.

Let’s assume that you have an average coffee machine. It takes around 1,000 watts to run. This converts to 1 kilowatt. You can then look at the electricity rate in your state to find out how much you will be paying. In the United States, the national average is 10.53 cents per KW/hr. Because of this, it will cost you 10.53 cents to make your coffee.

Even if your coffee machine is closer to the upper range of watt usage, you still won’t need to pay a lot for your coffee. At most, you should only expect to pay around 30 cents. This is significantly cheaper than purchasing a cup of coffee from a café.


What Affects the Amount of Electricity Needed?

The type of coffee maker you get will strongly influence the number of watts that it uses. There are several elements that you might need to consider.

The most obvious consideration is the size of the machine. The bigger machines will use more electricity. Usually, they will have a larger quantity of water to boil. Sometimes, these machines will use a hot plate to keep the coffee pot warm.

The next element to think about is the type of coffee maker it is. For example, an espresso machine can require a lot of electricity. They will need to heat the water to steam. On the other hand, a coffee maker that uses pods will require less power. Sometimes, it will have additional features, like a clock. This will require a constant input of electricity, even when you aren’t running the machine.

You might find a machine that comes with a grinder. While this can use a little more electricity, it is the more convenient option. Everything you need to make the coffee is in one place. Plus, it can be cheaper than purchasing the two separately. This guide will help you find the best coffee machines with a grinder.

Finally, it’s important to consider how many cups of coffee it is making. A five-cup coffee machine will use more electricity than a single-cup device.


How to Reduce the Amount of Electricity Required

Your coffee maker is far from being the most electricity-hungry device in your home. But there are some ways that you can lower the amount of electricity you are consuming.

This starts with the way that you are selecting the device. Some coffee makers will come with an energy star. The more stars it gets, the more energy-efficient it is. You can also try looking in the product description. It might tell you the number of watts it will use.

If you are really concerned about this aspect, you can use a manual device like the French Press. In this case, all you need to do is boil the water. However, you will need to put in a little more work to get it.

Next, it’s important to think about the way that you are using the device. It’s best to only brew when you are ready to drink the coffee. You don’t want the pot to be sitting on the hotplate for hours on end. Plus, fresh coffee will have the best flavor.


Reduce Your Environmental Impact

After you have finished making the coffee, you should turn off the machine at the wall. If you leave it in standby mode, it will continue to draw power, especially if it is keeping the water warm.

Sometimes, your coffee machine could be using more power because it is dealing with mineral build-up. This makes it harder to boil the water and get the hot water through the system. This can occur on all coffee machines. Thankfully, there is a simple solution. You just need to clean out the machine every few months.

If you want to reduce your environmental impact even further, you can install solar panels on your roof. This will convert the sun’s rays into electricity. As a result, you’ll be able to power your home without needing to rely on fossil fuels. Plus, once you install the system, you should be able to significantly reduce your power bill. If you install enough panels, you might not need to pay any utilities at all.



The average coffee machine will use around 1,000 watts. This is around 10 cents per cup of coffee. This is similar to most other kitchen appliances. But, with a few simple tips, you will be able to reduce the amount of electricity that you are using. Hopefully, this will help you reduce electricity consumption while enjoying a delicious coffee.

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